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Top 10 Articles (Downloadings)
June, 2019

1. Volpian O. D., Kuzmichev A. I.
Magnetron deposition of optical coatings with magnetron power supply by mid-frequency alternative voltage
// Prikladnaya Fizika. 2008. No. 3. P. 34

2. Yusupaliev U., Radomsky N. V., Shuteev S. ., Kokovin V. A., Yusupaliev P. U.
Measurement of short time interval for the system "laser-time position sensitive detector of radiation"
// Prikladnaya Fizika. 2009. No. 5. P. 113

3. S. A. Zhukova, V. E. Turkov, S. A. Demin, and B. V. Troshin
Microbolometer detector that is sensitive in two spectral bands
// Prikladnaya Fizika. 2016. No. 4. P. 67

4. Ivanov E.V., Moshkunov S.I., Khomich V.Yu.
High voltage nanosecond pulse generator basing on combined solid state switch
// Prikladnaya Fizika. 2006. No. 2. P. 122

5. V. V. Karansky and A. S. Klimov
hanging the electrophysical parameters of Mn-Zn ferrites upon its irradiation with an electron beam in the forevacuum pressure range
// Prikladnaya Fizika. 2017. No. 6. P. 72

6. A. A. Kolesova, A. V. Lobachyov, N. A. Solomonova, and K. A. Khamidullin
Quality requirements to the windows optical surfaces for the non-cooled ultraviolet and infrared photodetectors
// Prikladnaya Fizika. 2015. No. 4. P. 88

7. Zakamov V. R., Chechenin Yu. I.
Low-barrier Schottky detector diode of silicon structures doped with antimony
// Prikladnaya Fizika. 2012. No. 3. P. 101

8. A. V. Kashin, I. E. Rebrov, and V. Yu. Khomich
High-voltage power system for electrospinning of complex-structured polymer materials
// Prikladnaya Fizika. 2018. No. 3. P. 85

9. Vasileva M. F., Gerasjuk A. K., Goev A. I., Potelov V. V., Senik B. N., Suhachev A. B., Jigarnovsky B. M., Kirilenko V. V., Nozdrachev A. V.
High-quality optical coverings for visible and near IR-areas of the spectrum, which was created on the basis of new film-forming materials titanate gadolinium and titanate lutetium
// Prikladnaya Fizika. 2007. No. 5. P. 91

10. A. V. Voitsekhovskii, A. P. Kokhanenko, and K. A. Lozovoy
Dark current and detectivity of photodetectors with quantum dots of germanium on silicon

// Prikladnaya Fizika. 2016. No. 6. P. 42