Applied physics

No. 4, 2000

Bannikov I.A., Morozov I.I., Stepanov M.Yu. An experimental reseach of megawatt extended beam on light radiation 5
Krivenko A.S., Razorenov V.V. Subsonic magnesium target on the basis of vacuum arc 10
Kazeev M.N. High power ablative pulsed plasma flows for technology applications 14
Volosov V.I., Demenev V.V., Steshov A.G., Churkin I.N. Structure of electrical fields in magnetic trap with rotating plasma 22
Baikov I.S., Kruglov V.S., Shirshov L.S. Highlights of the school on applied supercoductivity, "Kurchatovets-2000" 28
Ivanov Yu.B., Fetisov E.P., Fiveisky Yu.D. On heat-removal problem in "cold" r-laser 32
Yusupaliev U., Mikheev V.V., Shuteev S.A., Maslov A.K., Rosanov V.V., Telichenko V.I., Sprepetov A.N., Turbin E.V. Intellectual device for definition of building deformations 39
Potapkin O.D. Outward loops of emittance diagrams near to cathode 44
Turikov V.A., Ulianitski I.V. Plasma oscillations in the beam double layer between electrodes 48
Urutskoev L.I. About possible earthquakes process 55
Grishina N.A., Vasichev B.N. Wave electronic optics representations application for the electrons with a cryctal lattice field interaction exposition 62
Astaikin A.I., Kruglov A.V., Martynov A.P., Profe V.B. Protection of results of physical experiments against the non-authorized coping at a storage of the infomation on floppy disks 76
Vasichev B.N., Rubakov Yu.L. Development of a method of visualization and analysis of the located microplasma at diagnostics of medic-biological objects 79
Urutskoev L.I., Liksonov V.I., Tsinoev V.G. Experimental detection of "strange" radiation and transformation of chemical elements 83
Qajar Ch.O., Kasimov R.M., Kasimova S.R. The translucence of heat receivers of electromagnenic radiation 101
Nikolaev D.P. Development of a physical model of shaping of an information signal, control by technological processes of manufacture and automated monitoring of parameters MCS, EOP and photoreceivers 106

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