Applied physics
No. 3, 2001

Secondary ion-electron emission
from both surfaces of thin metal films

V.P. Zhurenko, S.I. Kononenko, V.I. Muratov
Kharkov National University, Kharkov, Ukraine

V.I. Karas

National Physical and Technical Institute, Kharkov, Ukraine

   We studied experimentally the mechanism of SEE incluced by fast light ions from the both surfaces of metal foil targets. We measured the coefficient of SEE from the beam entrance (gF) and exit surfaces (gB) of Al, Cu, Ni targets bombarded by a-particles with the same energy. It was experimentally shown that the coefficient
R =gF / gB was estimated to be 1.69±7% for the materials under study. Thus, the flux of the energy transferred from fast ions to the medium electrons moving in the forward direction is 1.7 times as much as in the backward direction.