About possibility of thermonuclear synthesis
in a shock wave front

V.Yu. Velikodny
Institute of Appied Mehanics RAS, Moscow, Russia

V.A. Bityurin

Institute for High Temperature RAS, Moscow, Russia

   In this paper a problem about a strong shock wave structure in a gaseous mixture with "deuteriumized" heavy metal clusters has been solved on a base of Bolztmann kinetics equations with accounting of synthesis reaction of light nucleus. It Has been shown that the rate of nucleus process D + T in zone of translational non-equilibrium in the shock wave front is closed to the maximal one at the average mixture temperature of 6·106K due to the effect of non-equilibrium energy redistribution between claster components during the its coilisions. Energy process depends only upon the relative concentration of carring gas and clusters rather than on its absolute concentration.