Applied physics
No. 3, 2001

Separation of lithium isotopes in plasma
by ion cyciotron resonance method

N.M. Gorshunov, D.A. Dolgolenko, G.E. Zotin,
A.I.Karchevsky, V.S. Laz'ko, Yu.A. Muromkin,
V.G.Pashkovsky, A.T. Peshkov

Molecular Physics Institute, RRC Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, Russia

   In this work the results were presented of experiments devoted to the process of lithium isotope separation by selective ICR heating method. Experiments were carried out on separation of lithium isotopes with usage of collector systems of different design (cylindrical and plane) for collection of selectively heated ions. Collector systems be placed in the main magnetic field as well as in the flared one. In experiments the content of 6Li in product about 83% was reached (separation coefficiet a=60) at coefficiet of extraction of sixth isotope from the plasma flow g=0.6. At mean concentration of 6Li in product about 62% extraction coefficiet reached 0.15.