Applied Physics
No. 6, 2001

The 55-th anniversary of the ORION Research-and-Production Association5
A brief biographic help about the key employees of the ORION R&P Association7
Filachev A.M. History of origin of infrared engineering (to the 55-th anniversary of  the 801-st Research Institute).17
Ponomarenko V.P., Filachev A.M Photodetectors and photodetective assemblies of a new generation (to the 55-th anniversary of the 801-st Research Institute - the ORION R&P Association)20
Stafeev V.I.  Becoming development and production of the MCT photodetectors in the Research Institute of Applied Physics and in the USSR39
Stafeev V.I. The long IR-range photodetectors for space plants.44
Taubkin L.I., Trischenkov M.A. Limiting values of the IR-imagers responsivity  and the technical vision system selfdescriptiveness.48
Timofeev A.A. About a history of development of the special microelectronics in the ORION R&P Association61
Butkevich V.G., Bochkov V.D., Globus E.P. Photodetectors and photodetective assemblies on the basis of polycrystallic and acting epilayers of lead chalcogenide66
Lotoshnikov Yu.M. A history of creation of the velocity IR spectrometry in the Research Institute of Applied Physics.113
Evstigneev V.G.,  Kosharnovsky  A.M., Degtyarev E.V., Tsybin S.A. Development and case record of the PLIS-BMK technology  in  electronics engineering of IR imagers.117
Stoyanov P.A.   Translucent electron microscopes (a semi-secular history of devices creation in the department of  submicroscopy).120
Filachev A.M., Grinchenko L.Ya., Gayidukova I.S.  The Research Institute for electron and ion optics - a branch of the ORION R&P Association.135
Koshavtsev N.F., Edelstein Yu.G., Volkov V.G., Tolmachev A.A., Tolmachev S.F., Fedotova S.F., Kirchevskaya T.K. Night vision devices of the Special Designer Bureau for Night Vision Engineering.145

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