No. 4 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2003

Atmospheric electricity as a manifestation of the electric interaction of Earth and Sun with space

L. A. Pokhmelnykh
ELAT Company, Mexico City, Mexico

   A model of atmospheric electricity is developed on the concept of non complete matter transparency for electrostatic field. According to the model there exist charge and/or mass density waves in space in which the Earth and Sun recharge cyclically in volume. Atmospheric E-field reflects the current potential difference between the Earth and space. The Earth’s charge creates the geomagnetic field. The thunderstorms are charging with negatively charged air convection. Through the Earth-space electric current and ions hydration there arises the cyclic influence of space waves on the atmospheric thermodynamic balance and climate. This consequence is the base of the ELAT weather correction technology. The modern growth of atmospheric temperature can be a consequence of ions injection into the atmosphere from high voltage transmission lines.