(Applied Physics)


2005, No. 4 Founded in 1994 Moscow



Shelepin A. L., Shelepin L. A. Processes with memory as the basis of new paradigm in science. Part II   5
Pokhmelnykh L. A. Effects of space inhomogenity and finite propagation speed of electromagnetic waves   22
Stafeev V. I. Elementary structural units of condensed phase and connected with their electrical charge phenomenon field 31
Zhirov S. G., Koptelov A. A., Milekhin Yu. M. Thermal conductivity of heterogeneous materials. Part II. A computational method of thermal conductivity for heterogeneous materials with interpenetrative components   39
Abdulmanov V.G., Vobly P.D., Nevsky P.V. Electron-optical system of a small-sized electron-ion source  44
Khavroshkin O. B., Tsyplakov V. V. Effects on radioactivity of granitoids: from geophysical monitoring to laboratory experiments  46
Selyakov A. Yu. Theory of generation-recombination noise caused by trap assisted tunneling in nondegenerate p—n-junction on the basis of narrow gap alloys of (CdHg)Te   50


Mkheidze G. P., Raevsky I. M., Rukhadze A. A.., Savin A. A., Sokolov I. V. Transport of a high-energy magnetized plasma bunch  60
Aleksandrov A. F., Bugrov G. E., Vavilin K. V., Kerimova I. F., Kralkina E. A., Pavlov V. B., Plak- sin V. Yu., Rukhadze А. А. Examination of an inductive high-frequency discharge as the self-consistent system. Part I. Features to be observed at the experimental examination of an inductive high-frequency discharge, located in an exterior magnetic field   70
Sosnin E. A., Avdeev S. M., Kyznetsova E. A., Lavrenteva L. V., Erofeev M. V., Syslov A. I. Bactericidal action of atmospheric pressure plasma components on Escherichia coli  74


Zharinov A. V. Sinthesis of the ion beams in a gas discharge with a virtual cathode   79
Chikhachev A. S. Stationary state of the high — current beam of charged particles in an accelerating field   83


Sakhno V. I., Dolgikh A. V., Gratca E. V., Dub A. D. Development of GaAs photocathode for image intensifiers tube with spectral response extended to l =0.36 mm   86
Loktionov V. I., Nesterov I. A. Science-technical base and technology development of multialkaline photocathodes formation in UHV chambers by individual-group method  89
Loktionov V. I., Nesterov I. A. Quality of surface and underlying glass layer influence on sensitivity of multialkaline photocathodes, grown in ultra-high vacuum chambers   93
Biksey M. P., Dobrovolskiy Yu. G., Sabashkevich B. G. Photodetector of ultraviolet radiation on the basis of phosphide of gallium  97
Denisov Yu.N., Dolya S.N., Kalinichenko V.V., Karamysheva G.A., Fedorenko S.B. Akhmadeev I. A., Dolgikh A. V., Korsun P. P. Technology and setup development for thermodiffusion welding of photocathode heteroepitaxial structures with glass intput windows for image intensifier tubes (I2))   101


Ashcheulov A. A., Butenko V. K., Doktorovich I. V., Dunayenko A. H., Fotiy V. D. Power meter of radiation of a short-range part of UV-range   104
Ashcheulov A. A., Dobrovolsky Yu. G., Romanyuk I. S. Mechanical strength of unilaterally fixed thermoelectric Peltier module   106
Ovsyannikov V. A., Philippov V. I. The simplified figure of merit rate of the aerial thermal imaging equipment   109
Antonov I. V., Pivovarov A. V., Ovchinnikova G. A. Dynamics of self-oscillators on a Gunn-effect diode with magnetic reorganization   112
Oparichev A. B., Karimbekov M. A. Development of the controller for measurement of temperature, including temperature of a surface   115

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