(Applied Physics)


2005, No. 5 Founded in 1994 Moscow



Veklenko B. A., Sherkunov Yu. B. Induced radiation in markedly spatially nonhomogeneous media of excited atoms   7
Qajar Ch. O., Kasimova S. R. The conditions of translucence and frequency characteristics of reflection of electromagnetic radiation of thermo receiver in its wave dispersion region   22
Koptelov A. A., Zhirov S. G., Milekhin Yu. M. The changes of thermophysical properties of polymer materials under g -irradiation. Part I. The heat capacity   26
Kalazhokov Z. Kh., Ponomarenko N. S., Kalazhokov Kh. Kh., Khokonov Kh. B. Contribution of residual phase gas to the temperature coefficients of surface tension and work function of electron-pure metals   31


Mayorov E. V., Okorokov V. V., Sveshnikova N. V. Aboun particles acceleration inside the fixed spatially-nonuniform stationary electromagnetic field. Acceleration by nonuniform stochastic fields   35
Korolev A. A., Mkheidze G. P., Savin A. A. Study of the dynamics of current and gas channels during REB injection. Part I. Beam transportation   40
Gasanov I. S., Salaev E. Yu., Gurbanov I. I. Capillary instability and emission of nanodroplets in edge ion source  46
Alenitsky Yu. G., Vorozhtsov S. B., Glazov A. A., Zaplatin N. L., Kostromin S. A., Karamysheva G. A., Mitsyn G. V., Molokanov A. G., Onischenco L. M., Samsonov E. V. Cyclotron for beam therapy application   50


Shmelev V. M., Anpilov A. M., Barkhudarov E. M. Surface discharge inside of an air cavity in water   55
Sveshnikov V. K. Method of determining the diffussion coefficient of mercury in discharging tubes   59
Bushma V. O., Kubarev V. F., Kalashnikov D. V. Plate’s electrode melting in the process of arc welding with stationary melting electrode (beginning process)   62
Aleksandrov A. F., Bugrov G. E., Vavilin K. V., Kerimova I. F., Kralkina E. A., Pavlov V. B., Plaksin V. Yu., Rukhadze А. А. Examination of an inductive high-frequency discharge as the self-consistent system. Part II. Examination of plasma parameters and an efficiency of high-frequency power uptake by the plasma of an inductive high-frequency discharge of low pressure   72


Filachev A. M., Ponomarenko V. P., Saginov L. D., Solyakov V. N., Burlakov I. D., Mansvetov N. G., Boltar K. O., Klimanov E. A., Akimov V. M., Poluneev V. V. Linear LWIR 4x288 TDI FPA based on MCT photodiodes   79
Arutyunov V. A., Vasil’ev I. S., Ivanov V. G., Prokof’ev A. E., Stepanov R. M. Perspectives of developments of monolithic cooled infrared focal plane arrays for integrated multispectral warning systems in 1.5—5 and 8—12 mm ranges   84
Boltar K. O., Iakovleva N. I., Burlakov I. D., Klimanov E. A., Saginov L. D., Youngerman V. M., Rudnevsky V. S., Akimov V. V. 128x128 snap-short MWIR MCT FPA   92
Burlakov I. D., Zaslavsky A. V., Kuznetsov P. A, Klimanov E. A., Khromov S. S., Shchukin S. V. Silicon CMOS 1x128 multiplexers for multi-element photorezistors based on PbS and PbSe   95
Bogevolnov V. B., Yafyasov A. M., Konorov P. P. Forming of heterostructures on the base of cadmium-mercury-tellurium combinations in the semiconductor-electrolyte system   98
Loktionov V. I., Bagduev R. I. High science technology of final screen-body assembly (SBA) cleaning of proximately focused image intensifier tubes (I2)   102
Gavritshuk E. M., Timofeev O. V., Poletov V. V., Senik B. N. Influence of polishing conditions on treatment quality of optical surfaces of components made of zinc selenide for devices operating in the IR range   107


Ovsyannikov V. A., Panteleev N. I., Pitik S. D., Philippov V. L. To the problem of the detection, recognition and indentification of the figure of man by means of the thermal imaging device   112
Kuroedov Yu. D., Dorofeev G. L., Vyatkin V. S. Physical prepositions for application of superconductivity in engineering of microsecond power pulses  115
Golovashkin A. I., Kuzmichev N. D., Slavkin V. V. High-temperature detector of magnetic field on the base of YBa2Cu3O7-x polycrystal  125
Kalugin S. P., Balabin V. N. To the problem on the extreme accessible performances of power electromagnets   130
Danciulescu D., Danciulescu C. Computer generated holograms using rectangular and circular binary mask methods   136

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