(Applied Physics)


2005, No. 6 Founded in 1994 Moscow



Veklenko B. A. Quantum radiation of classical current in dielectric media and diffusion of electromagnetic wave front in vacuum   5
Milantiev V. P. Relativistic ponderomotive force of quasimonochromatic wave   14
Mayorov E. V., Onishchuk V. A. On the inertial method of simultaneous measurement of flow-rate and density of liquid  18
Martynov O. V., Teterin E. P. The general approach to dynamic viscosity temperature and pressure dependencies evaluation   23


The XXXII-nd Zvenigorod conference on plasma physics and controllable thermonuclear fusion (February 14—18, 2005)

Grishina I. A., Ivanov V. A., Kovrizhnikh L. M., Nagaeva M. L. Scientific researches on physics of plasmas and controlled thermonuclear fusion in Russia in 2004   27
Andreev V. V., Balmashnov A. A., Kalashnikov A. V., Umnov A. M. The peculiarities of microwave plasma creation in CERA-R device   38
Ivanov V. A., Konyzhev M. E., Gavrilenko V. P., Letunov A. A., Oks E. A. Formation of superdense plasma in microwave breakdown of dielectrics   40
Martynyuk M. M., Kravchenko N. Yu. The influence of a capillary pressure upon intensity of the impact cluster fusion process   51
Bashkin V. K., Kuzmin G. P., Minaev I. M., Rukhadze A. A., Timofeev I. B. Features of the sliding discharge on a boundary of dielectrics with different permittivities  54
Gorbunov S. P., Krasov V. I., Paperny V. L. Flow of the multiply charged metallic ions from low voltage vacuum spark   60
Kortkhonjia V. P., Kintsurashvili V. Ya., Kvirikashvili Ts. I. Explosion of a wire in water. Results of the analysis of a dust  64
Zakharov N. S., Rudenko V. V. Dinamics of expansion the products of laser ablation with the next process deposition their on materials  68
Krinberg I. A., Matafonov G. K. Overcoming the crisis of plasma flow in vacuum arc in a strong magnetic field   74
Zakharov N. S., Kholod S. V. Diagnostics of plasma by ultrashort laser pulses   80
Koube M., Milantiev V. P., Umnov A. M. Numerical modeling of collective proton acceleration in ECRIPAC acceleratonr  84
Galiaoutdinov R. T., Kashapov N. F., Luchkin G. S. Physical processes in an anomalous glow discharge during deposition of oxide coatings  88
Abdullin I. Sh., Hammatova V. V., Cumpan E. V. Experimental research of influence of plasma of the VChE-category on adgeziya of property of composite materials  92
Abdullin I. Sh., Camaeva R. E., Hammatova V. V. Application of plasma VChE-category for increase of explosive loading of a linen yarn from short fibres   94
Abdullin I. Sh., Faizullina R. B., Zheltukhin V. S. Modification of stength properties of shoe cardboards with the help of a hign-frequency underpressure plasma  97


Korolev A. A., Mkheidze G. P., Savin A. A. Study of the dynamics of current and gas channels during REB injection. Part II. Dynamics of a gas   105

Ovsyuk V. N., Shashkin V. V., Demyanenko M. A., Fomin B. I., Vasilieva L. L., Soloviev A. P. Uncooled microbolometer IR FPA based on sol-gel VOx  114
Vasiliev V. V., Predein A. V. Influence of graded Р-р-heterojunction’s potential barrier on characteristics of three-dimensional Hg1-x Cdx Te photodiode  118
Nesmelova I. M., Ryzhkov V. N, Andreev V. A., Gumarov G. G., Petukhov V. Yu. The effect of low-temperature annealing on electrical and structural properties of the MCT and MMT epitaxial layers   125
Grushko N. S., Potanakhina L. N. Current transport process in the GaN structures with a single quantum well   128
Kovtonyuk N. P., Misnik V. P., Sokolov A. V. Vidicons sensitive in the middle infrared spectrum region with phototargets on the basis of the semiconductor-dielectric structure  134
Saginov L. D., Beguchev V. P., Sviridov A. N., Bakumenko V. L. New method of remote measurement of temperature  141
Pravilshikov P. A. Noether “physical” theorem in photonics and computer science. Part I  144

Zhukov A. A., Zhukova S. A., Tchetverov Yu. S., Babaevsky P. G. Plasma and chemical treatments of polyimide “sacrificial” layers in processing of microbolometers  154
Solyakov V. N., Medvedev A. S., Kataev O. V., Petruchuk I. V., Trunov G. L. The electronic processing unit for TDI FPA  160
Volkov V. G., Salicov V. L., Ukrainsky S. A. The multi-purpose aiming night vision complex  166
Antonov I. N., Lavkin A. G. Self-modulation of capacity in active oscillators on Gunn diodes  168

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