No. 4 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2006



Smorodov E.A., Galiakhmetov R.N. Experimental detection of neutrons at shock compression bubble in a viscous liquid   5
Pokhmelnykh L.A. Variants of expression of Planck invariable trough electrodynamic constants and the model of atom with oscillating electron   10
Soloshenko I.A., Tsiolko V.V., Pogulay S.S., Bazhenov V.Yu., Shchedrin A.I., Ryabtsev A.V. Component content of active particles in volume barrier discharge on dry ( 20% relate humidity) air   18
Dorovskoj V.M., Elesin L.A., Stoliarov V.I., Stebevskij A.V., Urutskoev L.I., Filippov D.V. Research of yields of an electrical explosion of titanium foils by an electron microscope   28
Komarov V.V. Investigation of microwave heating processes taking into account convection heat exchange: theory and experiment   34


Gusein-zade N. G., Ignatov A.M. Normal oscillations of a small dust cluster. Cube and skew- prism   42
Aleksandrov A.F., Bugrov G.E., Vavilin K.V., Kerimova I.F., Kralkina E.A., Pavlov V.B., Plaksin V.Yu., Rukhadze A.A. Examination of an inductive high-frequency discharge as the self-consistent system. Part V. Results of examination of an equivalent resistance for the inductive high-frequency discharge at a low pressure and at an exterior magnetic field   54


Zhuravleva V. D., Semenov S. O. The calculation of nonstationary processes in electron-optic systems   60
Poljakov P.A., Sergeev E.V., Tremaskin A.V., Stepovich M. A. About the choice possibility of the optimal motion trajectory of the particle on the basis of the least action principle   66
Syrovoy V.A. Structure of feature in the hydraulic theory of dense electron and bipolar beams   71
Vashkovsky A.V., Syrovoy V.A. Forming electrodes for bipolar beams   76
Belsky M.D,B. A. Lapshinov, B. G. Lvov Influence of fabrication defects to quality of focusing in electrostatic microminiature lenses   78
Romanovsky E.A., Serkov M.V., Borisov A.M., Michurina V.P., Smirnova O.A., Suminov I.V., Apelfeld A.V. Application of nuclear backscattering spectrometry of 5-8 MeV protons for the study of protective oxide coatings   85
Andrianova N.N., Borisov A.M., Mashkova E.S., Nemov A.S. The effect of ion-induced surface topography on ion-electron emission and sputtering of polycrystalline copper   89


Timofeev V.O. New trends of development of the array photosensing charge-coupled devices in the Electron Central Research Institute, Inc.   94
Ainbund M.R., Vasil'ev I.S., Vilkin E.G., Zabelina L.G., Levina E.E., Pashuk A.V., Petrov A.S., Rusanova T.A., Stepanov P.M., Surikov I.N. New photocathodes of UV and IR ranges for perspective photodetective devices   97
Berezkin N.A., Merkin S.Yu., Moskvina N.N., Stepanov R.M. New highly sensitive shake-proof 8-14- m pyrovidicons   101
Sultanov N.A. Technology of manufacture of IR photodetectors from silicon doped by thallium   104
Nuriyev H. R., Farzaliyev S. S., Faradjev N. V., Sadigov R. лю. Photoelectrical and optical properties of Pb1-xMnxTe(Ga) epitaxial films   106
Karpov V.V., Savchenko M.A. About new operation modes of photodetectors   109


Almazov V.A., Lutsareva Z.A., Kotlarova T.I., Platova E.S., Popova N.A. T he influence of technology factors on the propertees of varistors for overvoltage limiters   111
Murigin V.I., Fattakhdinov A.V., Gundirev V.B., Loktev D.A. Dependences peculiarity of diod barrier capacity on bias tension and temperature   114
Kurkin A.V. Investigation of optical back coupling in serial proximity image intensifiers   119
Okhrem V.G. Peltier Thermoelectric coolers for deep cooling   121
Sosnovik M.I., Vasil'ev I.S., Marquisov A.S., Petrov I.N., Fedotenkov Yu.F. The small-sized monitor for television and thermal imaging cameras   127
Goev A.I., Kryuchkov V.G., Potelov V.V., Senik B.N., Gerasyuk A.K. Principles of practice for forming gradient-aspherical layers by vacuum aspherization   131

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