No. 1 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2007



Kharitonov A. S. Structural exposition of composite systems   5
Rokhman B. B. The mathematical description of a momentum and heat transfer in the turbulent chemically reacting gas-particle flows on the stabilized part of the axially symmetric channel   10
Kalugin S. P., Balabin V. N. Mathematical modeling of gas distribution processes in an internal combustion engine   20
Krylov V. I. The bremsstrahlung of the charged partiсles, which take place through a stratum of the scattering centres placed in an external electric field   28
Agapov A. S., Malyshev A. V., Kalensky V. A., Kayitukov Ch. B., Urutskoev L. I., Filippov D. V., Ryabova R. V., Steblevsky A. V. Detection of the "strange" radiation and radioactivity contortion of titanium at trials of industrial electrotechnical inventory   37


Rizakhanov R. N. Analytical solution of electron beam envelope equation in paraxial approximation taking into account scattering medium and external magnetic field   47
Borisov S. S., Grachev E. A., Zaitsev S. I. Computation of charge and energy deposited during electron beam irradiation depth distributions in discrete looses approximation   50
Snopova M. G., Khokhlov A. G., Mikheev N. N., Stepovich M. A. Mathematical modeling of dependences of intensity monochromatic cathodoluminescence from electron beam energy for two-layer semiconductor structure   55
Petrosyan A. I., Rogovin V. I. The simulation of “parasitic“ thermionic emission from surface of cathode’s frame, bordering with cathode, in electronic-optical systems of microwave devices   59


Alexandrov A. F., Bychkov V. L., Dvinin S. A., Mikheyev V. V., Sviridkina V. S. About a positive discharge column structure in a transversal air flow. Part I   65
Efendiev A. Z., Efendiev K. A. A channeling of gas discharge   74
Dandaron G.-N. B., Baldanov B. B. Experimental research of a gas stream influence on pulses of a negative corona current in argon   85
Dolgov A. N., Lyapidevsky V. K., Savelov A. S., Salakhutdinov G. Kh. Investigate of mechanisms generation X-ray radiation in plasma of heavy elements Z-pinch charge   88
Chirkov A. Yu. About perspectives of a small-radioactivity thermonuclear reactor on the basis of a versed magnetic configuration   94


Kiseleva T. V, Kulymanov A. V., Ogneva O. V., Troshkov A. E., Tchinareva I. V., Sharipov A. G. Deposition of silicon nitrid layer in high-density piasma and its effects on dark current and stability of planar In-GaAs/InP pin-photodiodes   99
Baloev V. A., Ivanov V. P., Latypov Y. M. Modeling of characteristics of array photodetecting device in composition with the thermal imaging system   102
Abdinov A. Sh., Babayeva R. F., Ismayilov R. M., Eyvazova G. H. Photoelectric properties of isotype heterojunctions n-InSe/n-CuInSe2 in visible and near IR-region   107
Bespalko N. I., Sakhno V. I., Dolgikh A. V., Marmalyuk A. A. Development of InGaP-photocathode for image intensifier tubes   110
Selyakov A. Yu. Excess diffusion current of low-size planar n+-h-junctions on the basis of narrow gap alloys CdHgTe. Part I   116


Bakumenko V. L., Beguchev V. P., Degtjaryov E. V., Kozhanov I. A., Saginov L. D., Sviridov A. N. Methods of calibration of measuring installations having absolutely black body   128
Gainutdinov I. S., Sabirov R. S., Ivanov V. A., Nesmelov E. A, Aliakberov R. D., Safin R. G. Optical coatings for modern thermal imaging systems   134
Trestman М. M., Kharkova N. I. Algorithm for bringing the results of trials of thermal imaging device to the normalized values of parameters and conditions of sighting at observation object   137
Golovashkin A. I., Kuzmichev N. D., Slavkin V. V. Former of harmonics on the base of YBa2Cu3O7-x polycrystals   140
Shapenko V. N., Stuchenkov V. M., Trukhachev I. M. Pluse characteristics of electron-beam valves  144
Goev A. I., Potelov V. V., Senik B. N., Gerasyuk A. K., Cherednichenko O. B. Use of acoustooptical spectrophotometers for making gradient optical components and extracomplex optical coatings   146
Goev A. I., Kryuchkov V. G., Potelov V. V., Senik B. N., Gerasyuk A. K. Peculiarities of obtaining new design indices of refraction in optical layers when depositing in vacuum   152

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