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Golikov Yu. K., Krasnova N. K. Generalized principle of similarity in electron spectrography  5
Greenfield D. E., Shulenok A. P. Numerical simulation of magnetic electron lenses  11
Konnikov I. A. Two techniques for computing Green function for the Laplace equation   17


Alexandrov A. F., Bychkov V. L., Dvinin S. A., Mikheyev V. V., Sviridkina V. S. About a positive discharge column structure in a transversal air flow. Part II. A multicomponent kinetics in electronegative gas. Numerical modeling   25
Chirkov A. Yu. About scalings for a plasma confinement time in the field reversed configuration   31


(Materials of XIX International scientific and engineering conference on photoelectronics and night vision devices, 23—26 May, 2006, Moscow)

Dirochka A. I., Filachev A. M. Horizons of photoelectronics   37
Burlakov I. D., Ponomarenko V. P., Filachev A. M., Degtyarev E. V. Photodetector devices for thermal imaging apparatus of the second generation   43
Tribolet Ph., Destefanis G. HgCdTe large staring arrays at SOFRADIR   54
Chishko V. F., Kasatkin I. L., Burlacov I. D., Lopukhin A. A., Ponomarenko V. P., Filachev A. M., Borodin D. V., Osipov Yu. V., Karpov V. V., Kroshin A. M. InSb 288x32 FPA with digital TDI for low background application   64
Lee I. I., Bazovkin V. M., Valisheva N. A., Guzev A. A., Kovchavtsev A. P., Kuryshev G. L., Polovinkin V. G. The focal plane array based on MIS-photodiodes on InAs for pulse optical data registration   68
Shashkin V. I., Daniltsev V. M., Drozdov M. N., Drozdov Yu. N., Zakimov V. R., Luk’yanov A. Yu., Moldavskaya L. D., Murel A. V. IR-photoconductivity in the multi-layer InGaAs/GaAs heterostructures with quantum points   73
Stafeev V. I. Photodetectors with internal injection amplification   82
Boroshnev A. V. Large-format photodetective assemblies based on IR focal plane arrays   86
Belousov Yu. I. The general features required of future generation IR-detectors   89
Solodkov A. A., Kulikov V. B Estimation for effectiveness of use of mono- and two-spectral focal plane arrays based on quantum well structures   93
Vasiliev V. V., Varavin V. S., Zakhaiash T. I., Protasov D. Yu., Smirnov R. N., Ikusov D. G. The photodiodes fabrication on a basis of n-HgCdTe by As+ implantation   97
Voitsekhovsky A. V., Nesmelov S. N., Dzyadukh S. M., Varavin V. S., Dvoretsky S. A., Mikhailov N. N., Sidorov Yu. G., Vasiliev V. V., Zakharyash T. I., Mashukov Yu. P. The electro-physical and photoelectrical properties of MIS-structures in base of graded-band MBE MCT   100
Aliev A. A., Ibragimov T. I., Ismayilov N. D., Nasibov I. A., Guseyinov E. K. Uncooled CdHgTe photo-electromagnetic detector for receiving a СО2-laser radiation   106
Lipin M. V., Gromov A. V. The development results of modular micro cryogenic systems based on the Split-Stirling for cryostating of the first and second generation photodetective assembly   110
Gerasjuk A. K., Goev A. I., Gorelik B. D., Potelov V. V., Senik B. N., Sklyarov S. N., Suhachev A. B.., Nozdrachev A. V. The application of the vacuum aspherical technology for manufacturing the thermal objective   119
Volkov V. G., Leonova G. A., Salicov V. L., Ukrainsky S. A. The low profile night vision goggles   122
Popov G. N., Golubev P. G., Mordvin N. N., Pitik S. D. Possibility of detection and suppression of optoelectronic devices   124
Solodkov A. A., Miloserdov S. S Method of automatized testing a minimum resolvable temperature difference to be provided with a thermal-imaging device   127
Nuriyev I. R., Gadzhiyev M. B., Sadigov R. M., Nazarov A. M. Structure and photoelectric properties of Pb1-xMnxSe epitaxial films   132
Gorelik L. I., Petrov A. K. Digital image-rotation compensation in the all-round surveillance focal plane array system   135

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