No. 4 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2007



Bobrov Yu. K., Ostapenko E. I., Jangirov V. A., Bobrov Yu. Yu., Rukhadze K. Z. Principal physics of handling the materials of the matter in contact to a material of a matter of other nature   5
Kuzmichev N. D., Slavkin V. V., Golovashkin A. I. The drive form of harmonics on based of YBa2Cu3O7-x polycrystals   13
Bityukov V. K., Petrov V. A. Absorption coefficient of molten aluminum oxide   18
Alatortsev A. V., Kuzmin R. N., Savenkova N. P., Provorova O. G. Increase of aluminum electrolysis efficiency by means of mathematical modeling   34
Igolkin S. I. Critical analysis of the experiments on wetting corners and surface tension forces measurements   43
Kozlov G. V., Naphadzokova L. Kh., Zaikov G. E. The fractional exponent and diffusion channels for high density polyethylene   52
Kumar R., Thakur N., Sharma D. R., Rangra V. S., Negi N. S. Dielectric relaxation studies of binary mixtures of N-methylformamide and N,N-dimethylformamide in benzene solution using microwave absorption data   55
Smorodov E. A., Galiakhmetov R. N. Estimation of a neutron output at shock compression deuterium bubble in a nonvolatile liquid   61


Okorokov V. V., Starojilova T. K., Mayorov E. V. On the acceleration and deceleration of particles with clots of a non-homogeneous high frequency electromagnetic field with a non-stationary envelope   66


Rizakhanov R. N. Transporting path formation by intensive e-beam in beam plasma generator   71


Selyakov A. Yu. Supression of p-n-junction diffusion current in pixels of multielement IR-photodetectors caused by translation symmetry of multielement structure. Part II   75
Taubkin I. I. About photoinduced and thermal noises in the semiconductor diodes   85
Shautsukov A. G., Kuznetsov G. D. The working out of algorithms of modeling process of forming P++, P, P+-layers of two-bays LPD with stepped profile of alloying   91
Jafarov M. A., Nasirov E. F., Takhmazova A. I., Nasibov I. A. The converter of the optical image on the basis of a Сd1-xZnxS-CdТе1-xSex heterojunction   95
Gromov G. G., Yershova L. B., Drabkin I. A. Complex method to control the quality of construction and perfomance reliability of thermoelectric modules in optoelectronic devices   99
Bodrov V. N., Kondratov P. S., Padalko G. A. The system for thermal image digital processing   106
Yakushev M. V., Babenko А. А., Varavin V. S., Vasil’ev V. V., Mironova L. V., Pridachin D. N., Remesnik V. G., Sabinina I. V., Sidorov Yu. G., Suslyakov A. О. Structural and electrophysical properties of HgCdTe heterostructures, grown by MBE on Si (310) substrates   108
Eminov Sh. O., Radjabli A. A., Ibragimov T. I. Influence of radiation on photoelectrical and electrical properties of cadmium mercury telluride photodiodes   115
Kyazym-Zade A. G., Salmanov V. M., Dadashova V. V. Electroluminescent switches on the basis of monocrystals of solid solutions GaSxSe1-x   119
Dolgikh A. V., Leonov I. A. High resolution scanning ellipsometry as test method of NEA-photocathode surface cleanliness in image intensifier tubes manufacture   121
Gorobez N. V., Okhrem V. G. Peltier thermoelectric cooler with additional conducting element   124


Anisimova S. А., Teterin P. E. Generation dynamics of a phase-conjugated Nd:YAG-laser with passive Q-switching and parallel configuration cavities   128
Kremis I. I., Odnolko Y. F. The unified system of processing of signals photoreception device infrared to a basis of a microcircuit of programmed logic such as FPGA   133
Berkin A. B., Makukha V. K., Stepanov S. V. Developing software for automation of an electron-optical converters parameters final inspection   140
Ragimov S. S., Aliev S. A., Arasli D. G. The device for detection of a driving source of heat radiation   144
Sviridov A. N., Filachev A. M., Saginov L. D., Kononov A. S. Imaging spectrometer on the basis of Fabry-Perot interferometers and staring thermal imager   146

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