No. 5 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2007



Dobryakov S. N., Privezentsev V. V. To a question on the nature of a vector exchange interaction in two-spin system   5
Khavroshkin O. B., Bystrov V. P. Sonoluminescence and Sono-Fusion   7
Manukhin V. V. Self-sputtering of the thin homogeneous foils   14
Igolkin S. I. Tension of a sheets suds and Laplace pressure under the bent surface of a liquid   21
Stafeev V. I. Thermoelectric phenomena at injection of nonbasic carriers of a charge   29
Nesmelova I. M., Astafev N. I. Determination of absorption coefficient of optical germanium from the resistivity   33
Khagba G. S. Research of thermal characteristics for the copper chalcogenide   36
Korshakovskiy S. I. Oscillatory resonant system to detect information signals as far as the sensitivity threshold   39


Borovikov P. V., Grigoriev V. U., Kuznetsov U. A. Parametric signal modulation by stochastic oscillations using plasma-filled TWTs   47
Smirnov V. P., Alexeev Y. A. , Kazeev M. N., Koidan V. S., Anan’ev S. P., Kozlov V. F., Tolstov Y. S. The opportunity of nunopowders production due to impact of metal foils, accelerated by a magnetic field pressure   54
Burlakov I. D., Boltar K. O., Sednev M. V. MCT photosensitive diodes array ion-plasma technology   58
Vasilyev V. V., Voitsekhovsky A. V., Dultsev F. N., Zemtsova T. A., Parm I. O., Solovyev A. P PECVD silicon dioxide and silicon nitride for MCT surface passivation   62


Gontcharov L. A., Grigorian V. G Ion sources for ion-beam technology operations   67


Ponomarenko V. P., Troshkin Y. S., Filatov A. V. Shelf life an operating characteristics of the vacuum photoresistors from HgCdTe   71
Zenevich A. O., Novikov E. V. The investigation of zoned sensitivity of avalanche photodetectors operating in a single photon count mode   76
Ovsyuk V. N., Yartsev A. V. Analysis of voltage-capacitance curve of MIS-structure based on n- and p-MBE HgCdTe   80
Zaslavsky A. V., Kuznetsov P. A., Klimanov E. A., Khromov S. S. Comparative analysis of circuit engineering principals of design CMOS multiplexers for multi-element photoresistors based on PbS and PbSe   83
Bushman S. V., Gorelik L. I., Kravchenko N. V., Kulikov K. M., Petrov A. K. Detection of short light pulses by long inertance PbS and PbSe photodetectors   86
Khitrova L. M. Methods of carry of separate blocks of Hg1-xCdxTe and InSb monocrystals with use of glues   89
Vasileva M. F., Gerasjuk A. K., Goev A. I., Potelov V. V., Senik B. N., Suhachev A. B., Jigarnovsky B. M., Kirilenko V. V., Nozdrachev A. V. High-quality optical coverings for visible and near IR-areas of the spectrum, which was created on the basis of new film-forming materials — titanate gadolinium and titanate lutetium   91
Timofeev O. V., Vilkova E. Yu., Shikhov V. А., Kushnir S. R., Radbil B. А. Investigation of the polishing process for polycrystalline zinc chalcogenides with the use of colophony-based resins   98
Gavrishchuk E. M., Savin D. V., Ikonnikov V. B., Storogeva T. I. Growth of zinc sulfoselenides ZnSxSe1-x by CVD-method   102


Sviridov A. N., Filachev A. M., Saginov L. D., Kononov A. S. Multispectral thermal imager   107
Okhrem V. G. The cooler factor of the cooler with compound branches   115
Sviridov A. N. Ultimate sensitivity of receiving devices keeping СО2-quantum amplifier and staring thermal imager   118
Beloconev V. M., Bajucansky M. A., Volkov V. G., Salicov V. L., Ukrainsky S. A. The gated viewing night vision binocular   127
Komarov V. V., Fomenko A. F., Shergin V. S. TV-system "All Sky" for real-time remote monitoring of night cloud condition   130
Vasileva M. F., Gerasjuk A. K., Goev A. I., Potelov V. V., Senik B. N., Suhachev A. B., Kirilenko V. V., Zolotov I. V., Nozdrachev A. V. Application of new film-forming materials zirconate gadolinium and zirconate lutetium for reception of high-quality optical coverings   134

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