No. 1 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2008



Veklenko B. A. Fliker noise and boson peak as a one and the same phenomenon   5
Kharitonov A. S. Structural properties of a macromolecule in the thermostat   13
Grushko N. S., Potanakhina L. N. Temperature depen-dence of average length of a jump in the InGaN/GaN structures   17
Filachev A. M., Saginov L. D., Kononov A. S., Sviridov A. N., Bakumenko V. L. Filtering device on the basis of optical detail with positive and negative by derivative of relations of anglеs of full internal reflection to a wave-length   20
Boltar K. O., Yakovleva N. I., Kashuba A. S., Udalova A. G IR transmittance spectra of MCT epitaxial layers   26
Askerov K. A., Gadzhieva V. I. T Influence of ionized radiation on anisotropy of electric properties of indium selenide   31


Marchenko V. A. Vanadium oxide films for uncoo- led microbolometers produced by reactive magnetron sput-tering   35
Zinovyev O. A., Neumyvakin L. V. Development of a decontamination method using the integral action of plasma beam discharge on microorganisms’ cells   39


Gurovich B. A., Prikhodko K. E., Kuleshova E. A., Domantovsky A. G., Maslakov K. I. Emitting and magnetic properties of the pseudo-single domain micro and nanopatterned magnetic media   44


Dem'yanenko M. A., Ovsyuk V. N. Improved method for equalization temperature-induced non-uniformities in microbolometer FPA response   54
Solyakov V. N., Zhegalov S. I., Saginov L. D., Filachev A. M., Boltar K. O., Burlakov I. D., Sviridov A. N. FPA nonuniformity correction method based on signals from observed scene   60
Akimov V. M., Vasileva L. A., Kagan N. B., Klimanov E. A., Kjurbet I. U., Liseykin V. P., Michertuneynz A. R., Sednev M. V., Seregina N. N., Shuckin S. V. Methods creations contact metallization with In bump to silicon matrix MOS multiplexers   71
Ismayilov N. D., Guseyinov E. K., Gasanov I. S., Geyidarov S. A. P-n-junctions on the basis of Hg1-xCdxTe received with an irradiation by low-energy ions of indium and argon   74
Arakelov G. A. Some non-standard applications of thermoelectric coolers in photodetectors   77
Novoselov A. R., Klimenko A. G., Vasiliev V. V. Application of pulsed UV laser for dicing of arrays and linear of photodiodes based on MCT solid solution   79
Asheulov A. A., Dobrovolsky Yu. G., Romanyuk I. S., Foty V. D. Transitional contacts of branches of TEM promoted durability on the basis of crystals of the hard solutions Bі-Te-Se-Sb   85
Antipova M. A., Bochkov V. D., Davydov S. E., Kazarova Yu. A. Technological aspects of assembling the photoelectronic array modules on basis of lead chalcogenide with application of polymeric materials   89
Avetisyan G. H., Borodin D. V., Osipov Yu. V. CMOS multiplexer with analogue TDI mode for hybrid FPA   92
Vasilyev V. V., Mashukov Yu. P. Histeresis of the capacitance-voltage characteristics of p-Cd0.27Hg0.73Te structures with wide graded gap layer on the surface   96


Aleev R. M., Nasibullin R. A Comparison variants of scanning in thermal imager 2-nd generations   102
Gerasjuk A. K., Goev A. I., Grinberg E. E., Potelov V. V., Senik B. N., Suhachev A. B., Nozdrachev A. V. The research of the technology factors, which are influenced on the quality thin films dioxide of silicon with the purpose of increasing exploitation's characteristics of optical assemblies and which are made by a method of deep optical contact   106
Bekhtin Yu. S., Barantsev A. A., Bryantsev A. A., Saginov L. D., Solyakov V. N., Medvedev A. S. Algorithms of digital processing the IR images without calibration on geometrical noise   110

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