No. 3 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2008



Sobko A. A. Evaporation of "modelling" gases   5
Rokhman B. B. Research of the kinematical picture for a gas-dispersed turbulent flow taking into account impacts of particles themselves and with a wall of an axisymmetric channel   12
Bespalova O. V., Borisov A. M., Vostrikov V. G., Kulikauskas V. S., Romanovsky E. A., Serkov M. V. Application of nuclear backscattering spectrometry for revision control of material composition   22
Prut V. V. Simulation of the nonlinear diffusion of a strong magnetic field   27


Volpian O. D., Kuzmichev A. I. Magnetron deposition of optical coatings with magnetron power supply by mid-frequency alternative voltage   34
Dolgov A. N., Prokhorovich D. E. Corpuscular diagnostics as the tool to a research fast Z-pinches   52
Belikov M. B., Gorshkov O. A., Lovtsov A. S., Shagayda A. A. Probe measurements in the channel of 1.5 kW Hall thruster   59


Mkheidze G. P., Savin A. A. Formation and application of the pulse high-current electron beams. Part 1. Processes in the plasma diode   63
Isaev N. V., Shustin E. G., Temiryazeva M. P., Ta-rakanov V. P., Fedorov Yu. V. Ion flows from beam plasma discharge at low magnetic field: physics and application   73
Toreev A. I., Gamayunov Yu. G., Patrusheva E. V. Low voltage beam current control in electron-optical systems of the millimeter wave 0-type radiation sources   79
Ibraev A. T. The general equations of the theory of focusing in electrostatic and magnetostatic fields   84
Ibraev A. T. The equations for research of the time-of-flight characteristics for movement of charged particles   90
Petrosyan A. I., Rogovin V. I. The method and the code of electron beam simulation in electron-optical systems of microwave tubes with field emission   95


Borisov V. К, Klimanov E. A., Kagan N. B., Kjur-bet I. U., Liseykin V. P. Investigation of film a-Si and application there in technology of matrix silicon MOS multiplexers and bolometers   98
Kremis I. I., Odnolko Yu. F. Methods and principles of construction of algorithms for processing the signals of the IR multielement photodetective assembly on the basis of a chip of programmed logic   101
Ryzhkov V. N., Aleeva N. V., Andreev V. A., Nesmelova I. M., Gumarov G. G., Petukhov V. Yu. Formation of oxide protective films on the epitaxial ternary solid solution CdHgTe and MnHgTe   111
Astakhov V. P., Karpov V. V., Krapukhin V. V., Maximov A. D., Padalko A. G., Pashkova O. N., Jakimov E. B. Investigation of planar photodiode structures on InSb crystals obtained sapphire by linear crystallization   114
Bondareva G. P., Borisov V. K., Klimanov E. A. System of metallization of CMOS multiplexers for the microbolometers 160x120 focal plan array   117
Boltar K. O., Burlakov I. D., Golovin S. V., Lozhnikov V. E., Mansvetov N. G., Mansvetova T. M., Terekhovich T. F. Heterodyne photodetector devices with microcryogenic systems of cooling   120


Duchitskiy A. S., Lukin A. V., Mavrin S. V., Melnikov A. N. Laser-and-holographic complex for technological and certification control of optical elements and objectives in infrared spectral range of 3—12 mm   125
Lipin M. V., Smirnov A. V., Zabenkova H. V. Testing results of microcryogenic system based on the Split-Stirling gas cryogenic machine МСМГ-3B-1/80, which is a generic module of interspecific application for the second generation infrared imaging channel   128
Babushkin I. A., Glukhov A. F., Demin V. F., Malovichko D. A., Dyagilev R. A. Seismic sensor based on Hele-Shaw cell   134

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