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((Materials of 6-th International meeting on physics of the complex charged system and their interaction with electromagnetic radiation. Moscow, April 9—10, 2008)
Romanovsky M. Yu. The 6-th International meeting on physics of complex charged systems and their interaction with electromagnetic radiation   5
Blaschke D. B., Dabrowski M. P., Dmitriev V. V., Prozorkevich A. V., Smolyansky S. A. acuum creation of massive vector bosons in the FRW model of early Universe   10
Apfelbaum Е. М., Vlasov Yu. P., Trigger S. А. Calculation of the height for noctilucent clouds in the atmosphere   15
Sidorov I. A., Savelev A. B. Numerical 1D PIC-simulations of ion acceleration by laser-plasma interaction: multilayered multicomponent target structure optimization   19
Lankin A. V., Norman G. E. Fluctuation approach in the theory of nonideal plasma. Part1. Equilibrium plasma   25
Lankin A. V., Norman G. E. Fluctuation approach in the theory of nonideal plasma. Part II. Collisional recombination in nonideal plasma   33
Kurilenkov Yu. K., Skowronek M. Inertial electrostatic confinement and nuclear synthesis at interelectrode media of nanosecond vacuum discharge. Part I. Experiment   40
Filippov A. V., Zagorodny A. G. Screening of uniformly moving charged macroparticle in nonequilibrium plasma   49
Skobelev I. Yu., Faenov A. Ya., Gasilov S. V., Pikuz T. A., Pikuz S. A.-jr., Magunov A. I., Boldarev A. S., Gasilov V. A. Diagnostics of plasma produced by femtosecond laser pulse impact upon targets with internal nanostructure   58
Triger S. A., Khomkin A. L. No-Plank equilibrium radiation of the medium similar to plasma   67


Dolgov A. N., Prokhorovich D. E. Possibilities to optimize multycharched ion source on the based of lowinductive vacuum spark discharge   76
Bobrov Yu. K. , Zhuravkov I. V., Ostapenko E. I., Starikov V. V., Yurgelenas Yu. V. Physical mechanisms of breakdown voltage reduction by means of insertion of the breakable mikrodischarger into eltctric circuit of lightning diverter   82
Baldanov B. B., Norboev Ch. N. Experimental research of a multipoint a negative corona   93
Buzhinsky R. O., Savransky V. V., Zemskov K. I., Isaev A. A., Buzhinsky O. I. Observation of the objects under powerful plasma parasitic illumination   96


Pan’kin N. A., Smolanov N. A. Residual stress and microhardness of the condensate received near to the titanic cathode at drawing of TiN-coAtings by a method of condensation with ionic bombardment   99
Syrovoy V. A. Formation of dense electron beam buttends, Brillouin “bagel” and sphere   102
Ibraev A. T. Theory of emissive and reflective corpuscular-optical elements with a direct optical axis   106


Rudnevsky V. S., Stafeev V. I. GaP Shottky photodiodes properties at high temperatures   111
Belsky A. B., .Sautkin V. A. Algorithms of detection of signals in optical-electronic systems for monitoring the circumterraneous space   114
Polyakov A. N., Stepovich M. A., Lapshinova E. N., Gagarin Yu. E., Miheev N. N. About one problem of the identification of parameters direct gap semiconductors on dependencies of the intensities monochromatic cathodolu-minescence from electron beam energy   119


Osipovich I. R. Principles of construction of the automated means for quality assurance of an image of optical systems   127
Vorobiev A. P., Gorokhov S. A., Golovnya S. N., Polkovnikov M. K., Rodnov Yu. V., Ayzenstat G. I., Tolbanov O. P., Borodin D. V., Osipov Yu. V. Digital imaging systems for scanning type X-ray apparatus   132
Ascheulov A. A., Velichuk D. D., Romanyuk I. S. Modernized measuring device of parameters of microTEM Peltier   137
Belovolov M. I., Shatalov A. F. Pulse interval jitter of the solid-state Ca3Ga2Ge3O12:Nd 3+laser with diode pumping   143
Zhakharov Yu. T. Power controlled thyristor — transistor switches   146

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