No. 1 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2010



Krylov V. I. To the problem of the scattering of photons on electrons in an uniform electric field  5
Vorob’ev V. A. Analysis of reflection coefficient of a lowfrequency electromagnetic field in the spherical layer located on a lowconducting medium   11
Kotov V. M., Shkerdin G. N. To the problem of the image edge enhancement by means of the diffraction into first order  14
Shapovalov V. I. About possibility of occurrence of en-tropy oscillations in nonlinear processes  17
Ratis Yu. L. Neutrino catalysis of cold fusion in hydrogen  21
Anchyutkin V. S., Belsky A. S., Voloshinov V. B., Yushkov K. B. Acoustooptic method of spectro-polarimetric image processing  31


Sadykova S. P., Ebeling W., Sokolov I. M., Valuev I. A. Electric microfield distributions in nonideal electron-positron plasma. Molecular dynamics simulations  37
Krashevskaya G. V., Kurnaev V. A., Salakhutdinov G. H., Tsventoukh M. M. Investigations of high-energy electrons of the microwave discharge plasma in bi-dipole magnetic trap "Magnetor" by x-ray analysis  43
Ryzhkov S. V Inverted magnetic configuration and applications of high-temperature plasma on the base of the FRC  47


Gasanov I. S., Gurbanov I. I. About the sizes of emitters of ions and nanoparticles in point sources  55


Solyakov W. N., Kortikov M. V. Researches of long-term stability of two-point nonuniformity correction parameters for 256x256 InSb FPA  58
Gavrishchuk E. M., Savin D. V. Ikonnikov V. B. Solid solutions of ZnSхSe1-х zinc chalcogenides as promising materials for IR-optics   62
Fedirko V. A., Fetisov E. A., Bespalov V. A. Termo-mechanical nanomembrane IR-imaging sensors  66
Novoselov A. R., Predein A. V., Kosulina I. G., Vasilyev V. V. Optimization of indium bumps welding temperature for assembly of FPA photodetectors  73
Kulikov V. B., Kotov V. P., Butyagin O. F., Cherednichenko O.B. Responsivity of long wavelength qwip at room temperature  78
Kotkov A. P., Moiseev A. N., Grishnova N. D., Chilyasov A. V. Investigation of the effect of preparation of GaAs substrates surface on the properties of МОСVD-epitaxial layers of СdTe and CdHgTe  81
Ivanov V. G., Ivanov G. V., Kamenev A. A., Arutyunov V. A., Stepanov R. M., Panasenkov V. I. SB IR detectors with sensitivity in region, where quantums energy is less then the barrier height  87


Semkin N. D., Baryshev E. J., Telegin A. M. Optical system of gathering of the information about dust a component of a space vehicle and objects of space dust  94
Anchugov O. V., Matveev Yu. G., Shvedov D. A., Bochkov V. D., Bochkov D. V., Dyagilev V. M., Ushich V. G., Mikhailov S. F., Popov V. G. Test results for nanosecond generators based on psеudospark switches of TPI type for the FEL Lab of Duke University (North Carolina, USA)  100
Goreilk L. I., Polesskiy A. V. DFOV IR camera based on "All-sky" optical system  105
Kremis I. I. Improvement of quality of the image thermal imager on the basis of matrix HgCdTe photoreception devices infrared range  108
Potelov V. V. Industrial manufacturing techniques of reflecting, clarifying and spectrodividing coverings  114
Alimov A. E. Design and investigation of an isoplanatic axial gradient-index lens  118
Abrosimov A. I., Sysoev V. K., Verlan A. A., Zubkov N. N., Bulkin Y. N. Longitudinal capillary channels for heat pipes  123
Baturin V. A., Karpenko A. JU., Litvinov P. A., Pustovojtov S. A. The electromagnetic valve for adjustable pulse overlap gas  125

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