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Krylov V. I., Bondareva T. V. Unpolarized bremsstrah-lung of the charge particles in a homogeneous electrical field which are passing through a layer, being in a field of the scattering centers  5
Veklenko В. А. Time dependent scattering of the quantum electromagnetic field on an excited atom   10


Vasilyak L. M., Vasiliev A. I., Kostyuchenco S. V., Kudryavtsev N. N., Sokolov D. V., Startsev A. J. Determination of the cathode and anode voltage drop in high power low pressure amalgam lamps  18
Volpian O. D., Obod Yu. A., Yakovlev P. P. Fabricating the optic films from zinc oxide by magnetron sputtering on direct and alternating current  24


The IX-th All-Russian Seminar “Problems of Theoretical and Applied Electron and Ion Optics (29—31 May, 2009, Moscow)

Filachev A. M. The IX-th All-Russian seminar on problems of electron and ion optics  31
Donets D. E., ,Donets E. D., Donets E. E., Drobin V. M., Salnikov V. V., Shabunov A. V., Shutov V. B., Syresin E. M. Electron-string ion sources of highly charged ions with linear and tubular geometry of string  34
Avilkina V. S., Andrianova N. N., Borisov A. M., Borisov V. V., Mashkova E. S., Timofeev M. A., Virgiliev Yu. S. Ion-induced morphology and electron field emission for HOPG surface  42
Brovko O. I., Makarov R. S., Matyushevskiy E. A., Morozov N. A., Syresin E. M., Yurkov M. V. Fоrmation and diagnostic of FEL ultrashort electron bunches  46
Sveshnikov V. M. Parallel algorithms and technologies for calculation of intensive charged particles beams on multiprocessing super computers  56
Freinkman B. G., Polyakov S. V. Field emission from edge emitter with taking into account of edge curvature  61
Golikov Yu. K., Krasnova N. K., Solovjev K. V., Ershov T. D. Nikolaev V. I., Elochin V. A. Dynamic quadrupole mass analyser in inhomogeneous magnetic static fields  68
Baranova L. A., Kudoyarov M. F., Milodan S. V. Quadrupole lens system for transport and deflection of high energy ion beams   73
Sergeev K. L., Lukin A. A., Akimov P. I., Kozyrev D. V. Methods of reduction in the level of the radial constituent of magnetic induction on the working channels axis of magnetic focusing systems for electrovacuum devices   79
Denbnovetskiy S. V., Melnyk V. I., Melnyk I. V., Tugay B. A. Simulation of guiding of short-focus electron beams from low to high vaguum with taking into account dessipation of electrons thermal velocity  84
Ponomarov A. A., Miroshnichenko V. I., Ponomarev A. G. Optimization of quadrupole probe-forming system parameters of the nuclear microprobe with allowance for the ion beam phase density distribution   90
Semenov S. O. Some features of charge particle trajectory calculation on potential mesh of finite element method  96
Yurkov A. N., Vlasova T. V., Krikunov G. A., Kononov M. A. Planar magnetron use for micron and nanometer thickness ferromagnetic film deposition   103
Baisanov O. A., Doskeev G. A., Zaripova Z. G., Spivak-Lavrov I. F. Differential equation determining a deflection of particles of the ion beam from an axis trajectory in electric and magnetic fields  109


Boltar K. O., Kiseleva L. V., Savostin A. V., Lopukhin A. A., Luksha V. I., Povarikhina V. V. Formation of a cold shield inside for a FPA in the range 3—12 µm  116
Voitsekhovskii A. V., Nesmelov S. N., Dzyadukh S. M., Vasilev V. V., Varavin V. S., Dvoretsky S. A., Mikhailov N. N., Sidorov Yu. G., Mashukov Yu. P., Yakushev M. V. Photoelectric characteristics of MIS-structures on the basis of HES HgCdTe MBE  119
Patrashin A. I. Background irradiance calculation method for IR array with cold diaphragm of arbitrary shape   123


Akimov P. I., Kozirev D. V., Lavrentiev Y. V., Terentiev D. A., Sergeev S. V., Sergeev K. L. Magnetic systems on the basis of hard-magnetic alloys niodium with iron and a boron  127
Vasin V. A., Vasichev B. N., Stepanchikov S. V. Miniature system of creation of vacuum of electronic-probe devices  132
Avdeev S. P., Petrov S. N.., Serba P. V., Gusev E. Yu. The mechanical and chemical stability increasing of borolanthanum-group optical glass surface   140

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