(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2010, No. 5 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Makarov V. P., Rukhadze A. A., Samokhin A. A. About electromagnetic waves with a negative group velocity and their related effects  5
Krylov V. I., Bondareva T. V. remsstrahlung of electrons passing through an ordered structure of the scattering centers at their acceleration and reflection by the electric field   19
Antonycheva E. A., Sjuj A. V., Sjuj N. A., Sidorov N. V., Chufyrev P. G., Janichev A. A. Kinetic photorefractive scattering of light in crystals LiNbO3 : Cu и LiNbO3 : Zn   26


Loktionov E. Yu., Protasov Yu. Yu., Ovchinnikov A. V., Sitnikov D. S. Experimental investigation of metals femtosecond laser ablation spectral and energy efficiency   32
Yusupaliev U., Shuteyev S. A., Yusupaliev P. U. A cylindrical Z-pinch onedimensional model for it's initial stage   40


Bekhovskaya K. S., Bogdankevich I. L., Strelkov P. S., Tarakanov V. P., Ulaynov D. K. Harnessing high current for an electron beam in the plasma relativistic microwave oscillator   54
Vorobyev M. D., Yudaev D. N. Noise diagnostic of ther-mionic cathodes in electron-beam gun  60
Astakhov V. I., Dyagilev A. A., Trubitsyn A. A. The software application "Focus Planar System" for modeling of planar electron-and ion-optical systems  66


Monastyrskii L. S., Sokolovskii B. S., Vasylyshyn V. S. Calculation of photosensitivity of porous silicon with the cylindrical geometry of pores   73
Novoselov A. R., Kosulina I. G., Kusmin N. B., Paulish A. G., Vasilyev V. V., Valisheva N. A. The use of indium bumps reflowing for the IR FPA assembly technology   77
Solyakov W. N., Zhegalov S. I., Morozova V. G. Nonlinear correction of IR FPA nonuniformity  81
Timofeev O. V., Vilkova E. Ju. Investigation of the process of chemical-mechanical polishing of zinc selenide using the aqueous solutions of inorganic acids and bases  89
Muradov M. B., Eyvazova G. M., Yolchev Y. M. Influence of thermal annealing on structure and optical properties nanoparticles of copper sulfide formed in volume of a polymeric matrix  94


Shatalov A. F., Shatalov F. A. Pulse rate—pump power characteristic of diode pumped passively Q-switched solid-state laser   98
Malashin M. V., Moshkunov S. I., Khomich V. Yu. Copper vapor laser pumping source based on high voltage solid-state switch   102
Belsky A. B., Busarev A. V., Galeev D. R., Zaripov D. K. Multi-channel device for operative diagnostics of the technical equipment   108
Sizov F. F., Zabudsky V. V., Smirnov A. B., Gumenyuk-Sychevskaja Zh. V., Dobrovolsky V. N., Momot N. I. The CdxHg1-xTe (х ~ 0,2) detector of submillimetric radiation   114
Berkin A. B., Vasilyev V. V. Model of current amplification for the conductive connected MCP channels   118
Vasin V. A., Ivashov E. N., Kuznetsov P. S., Stepanchikov S. V. Creation of the superpure vacuum technological environment in electronic manufacture   122

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