(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2010, No. 6 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Krylov V. I. Energy-momentum tensor of an electromagnetic field for the classical system of point charges  5
Ivanov S. N., Loktionov E. Yu., Protasov Yu. Yu. Investigation of condensed polymeric media spectral refraction and absorption indexes in shortwave spectral region in vacuum   12
Shuvalov V. A., Yakovlev A. A. Conditions of stability of the system of superconducting loops in the external magnetic field   20


XXXVII-th Zvenigorod conference on plasma physics and controllable thermonuclear fusion (February 8-12, 2010)
Grishina I. A., Ivanov V. A., Kovrizhnych L. M. Actual Development Trends of Studies on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion in Russia in 2009   23
Balmashnov A. A., Umnov A.M. Influence of the pulse electric field on ECR heating in an inhomogeneous magnetic field  40
Sergeichev K. F., Lukina N. A. Epitaxial synthesis of diamond layers on a single crystal diamond substrate in the torch microwave plasmatron  44
Andreev N. F., Babin A. A., Davydov V. S., Matveev A. Z., Garanin S. G., Dolgopolov Yu. V., Kulikov S. M., Sukharev S. A., Tutin S. V. Wide—aperture plasma-electrode Pockels cell  50
Ivanov V. A., Konyzhev М. Е., Kuksenova L. I., Lapteva V. G., Sakharov А. S., Kamolova Т. I., Dorofeyuk А. А., Satunin S. N. The effect of microplasma discharges on aluminium surface  57
Amosov V. N., Vlasov S. A., Meshaninov S. V., Rodionov N. B., Rodionov R. N. Calibration of diamond fast-neutron spectrometer   65
Vasilyak L. M., Drozdov L. A., Kostyuchenko S. V., Sokolov D. V., Kudryavtsev N. N., Sobur D. A. Influence of a low pressure amalgam lamp parameters on the intensity of 185 nm UV-radiation generation   70


Khomich V. Yu., Yamschcikov A. V. Runaway electrons beams in the gas discharge for UV nitrogen laser excitation  77
Ilyakov E. V., Kulagin I. S., Manuilov V. N., Movshe- vich B. Z. Theoretical and experimental study of the space-charge oscillations in the electrooptic system of a relativistic gyrotron  89


Voitsekhovskii A. V., Nesmelov S. N., Dzyadukh S. M., Vasilev V. V., Varavin V. S., Dvoretsky S. A., Mikhailov N. N., Sidorov Yu. G., Mashukov Yu. P., Yakushev M. V. Investigation of electrophysical properties of MIS structures on basis of the MBE HgCdTe HES  95
Anatychuk L. I., Pribyla A. V. Thermoelectric sensors based on materials with anisotropic thermoEMF  100
Shautsukov A. G. Application of influence of ion beams on structures “film-substrate” in technology of semiconductor devices and integrated schemes   104
Kremis I. I. Review of domestic modules for digital processing the signals of the IR focal plane array   109


Beloconev V. M., Volkov V. G., Leonova G. A., Salicov V. L. Multifunction low-profile night vision goggles   120
Zhidkov P. M., Krasotkin V. S., Prokof’eva V. V., Boroshnev A. V., Kuzmina I. V. Simulation model of signals for a looking and scanning optoelectronic converter   124
Barinov V. I. Direct measurement of the single laser pulse energy of a kilojoule level by the absorbing medium thermal expansion method   129
Almazov V. A., Burtsev E. F., Zaitsev V. N., Ruditskii R. Sh., Cherkasov S. A. Powerful high-voltage electromagnetic oscillations of a MHz range in the LC circuit   134

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