(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2011, No. 2 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Sredin V. G., Sakharov M. V. Mathematical model of high power pulsed infrared laser irradiation of multilayer semiconductor photosensitive structures  5
Podryabinkin D. A., Danilyuk А. L., Borisenko V. E. Injection polarization of the 29Si nuclear spin in silicon nano-structures   12
Aliev R., Mukhtarov E. Particularities of forming the p-n-structures in the film polycrystalline silicon  19


Burachevskiy Yu. A., Burdovitsin V. A., Oks E. M. Anodization of silicon and aluminum in the non-self-sustained glow discharge plasma  23
Lopasov V. P. Fireball as a result of self-organization of the diamagnetic electron—ion nanoparticles ensemble in molecular gas  27


Fishkova T. Ya. System of electron beam monochromatisation  33


(Materials of XXI International scientific and engineering conference on photoelectronics and night vision devices, 25—28 May, 2010)
Dirochka A. I., Korneeva M. D., Filachev A. M. Photoelectronics of the XXI-st century  37
Korneeva M. D., Ponomarenko V. P., Filachev A. M. Current state and new prospects of the semiconductor infra-red photoelectronics (Part 1)  47
Sizov F. F., Apats’ka M. V., Gumenjuk-Sichevska J. V., Zabudsky V. V., Momot N. I., Smoliy M. I., Tsybrii Z. F., Dvoretsky S. A., Mikhailov N. N., Sakhno N. V. Mulltielement de-tectors of terahertz radiation on the base of CdHgTe  61
Bazovkin V. M., Valisheva N. A., Guzev A. A., Efimov V. M., Kovchavtsev A. P., Kuryshev G. L., Lee I. I., Polovinkin V. G., Stroganov A. S., Mirzoeva L. A., Makovtsov G. A., Prolygin E. V. Multimodule linear 4x(2x192) FPA for thermo location systems based on InAs MIS structures  67
Boltar K. O., Poluneev B. B., Iakovleva N. I., Denisov I. A., Smirnova N. A. nvestigation of 2x2x288 two-color MCT TDI FPA  73
Zhegalov S. I., Fetuhina V. G., Solyakov V. N. Conditions and capabilitys of FPA nonuniformity scene based correction  80
Gorelik L. I., Drogaitseva E. V., Polesskiy A. V., Sidorin A. V., Solyakov V. N., Trenin D. Ya. Dual-band thermal imaging system for spectral ranges 3—5 and 8—12 μm  92
Zaitsev A. A., Khromov S. S., Kuznetsov P. A. he 320x256 ROIC for InGaAs infrared photodetectors  97
Khromov S. S., Zaitsev A. A. The 640x512 ROIC for InSb infrared photodetectors  100
Burlakov I. D., Kashuba A. S., Demin A. V., Zabotnov S. V. Second optical harmonic generation in the cadmium mercury telluride heteroepitaxial structures  103
Shimko D. N. Engineering analysis of photo-receiving device’s construction with micro cooler  107
Legky V. N., Galun B. V., Kiselev M. V., Tolbanov O. P., Mokeev D. Yu., Tyazhev A. V. Gallium-arsenide photodetective assemblies of the UV range for multispectral optoelectronic systems  112
Voitsekhovskii A. V., Nesmelov S. N., Dzyadukh S. M., Vasil`ev V. V., Varavin V. S., Dvoretsky S. A., Mikhailov N. N., Sidorov Yu. G., Yakushev M. V. The electrical characteristics of MIS-structures based on HES HgCdTe MBE with non-uniform distribution of composition  116
Beloconev V. M., Volcov V. G., Salicov V. L., Shmacova L. V. Combined night vision deviсes  122


Grishih A. I., Matvienko G. G., Polyakov S. N. Estimation of an opportunity of measurements of aerosol and wind characteristics of an atmosphere on base low coherent lidar  126

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