(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2011, No. 4 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Veklenko B. A. Electromagnetic properties of the low-temperature nondegenerate plasma at h > 0  5
Kukharev A. V., Danilyu A. L., Borisenko V. E. Oscillations of magnetization in ferromagnetic nanostructures under the influence of spin-polarization current and elastic stresses  42
Kotov V. M., Shkerdin G. N., Kotov E. V., Tikhomirov S. A. Frequency bandwidth of the acousto-optic splitter of the two-colored radiation   20
Bryukvina L. I., Penzina E. E. Механизм деградации лазерной среды на основе KCL:Li-кристаллов   26
Sobko A. A. Applied aspects of the classical thermodynamics. Part II. Certain consequences out of expressions of a transition heat for first-order phase transition   31


Bityurin V. A., Velikodnyi V. Yu., Tolkunov B. N., Bykov А. А., Direnkov A. V., Popov V. V. Experimental research of burning and set firing of hydrocarbon fuels with an electric arc   36
Gavrish S. V. Discharge sources of radiation with a sapphire capsule  42


Bondareva T. V., Krylov V. I. Bremsstrahlung of charged partiсles, which take place through a stratum of scattering centres placed in an external electric field  52


Savkina R. K., Sizov F. F., Smirnov A. V., Deriglazov V. A., Yakushev M. V. The IR uncooled photovoltaic cell on basis of CdхHg1-хTe/Si (х = 0,3)   58
Patrashin A. I. IR array photodetector with the cold stop  65
Khromov S. S., Zaitsev A. A. The Calibre xRC extraction and post layout simulation of FPA ROIC  72
Arakelov G. A., Samvelov A. V. Thermoelectric thermostabilization of the IR microbolometric arrays  76
Berchenko N. N., Yelizarov A. I. Analysis techniques for the evaluation of HgCdTe multicarrier transport parameters   79
Gorelik L. I., Solyakov V. N., Trenin D. Yu. Low contrast dual-band infrared image processing   88
Solyakov V. N., Korneeva M. D., Kortikov M. V., Kataev O. V., Trunov G. L., Solomakhin P. A. Picture signals former on the base of the InSb 320x256 FPA   96
Kostyukov E. V., Pospelova M. A., Rusak T. F., Vasiliev Yu. B., Petlitski A. N., Turtsevich A. S. Features of the internal getter formation for CCD in 150-mm wafers made of silicon with more perfect structure   99


Amosov V. N., Meshchaninov S. A., Rodionov N. B. The system of compact diamond spectrometers and neutron flux monitors for vertical neutron camera of international thermonuclear experimental reactor ITER   104
Toreev A. I., Fedorov V. K. Shortwave millimeter-wave extended interaction amplifier klystron   109
Volkov A. D. Using the МЕТ1003 seismic detector in experimental equipment   116
Grishih A. I., Matvienko G. G., Polyakov S. N. All-fiber wind low-coherent Doppler meteorological lidar  121
Vasin V. A., Vasichev B. N., Stepanchikov S. V., Fatjanova N. G. Multifunctional system for the production of microelectronic components and computer cathode-ray optics  126

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