(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2012, No. 3 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Kotov V. M., Shkerdin G. N., Averin S. V., Kotov E. V. Effect of the acoustic power on the forming process of the optical image edge enhancemen  5
Levchenko V. D., Zmievskaya G. I., Bondareva A. L., Zakirov A. V. Simulation of problems of nanophotonics and nanofilms: LRnLA/Nano kinetic code   9
Mustafaeva S. N., Asadov M. M., Ismailov A. A. Radiation effects in the TlGaSe2 single crystals   19
Seregina E. V., Stepovich M. A. , Makarenkov A. M Statistical analysis of the distribution of charge minority carriers generated by electromagnetic radiation in a semiconductor material   24
Terentev D. I., Barbin N. M., Borisenko A. V., Alekseev S. G. Composition and thermophysical properties of the (Pb+Bi) melt—vapor systems at various conditions   32


Baksht F. G., Lapshin V. F. Calculation of cesium plasma optical properties in conditions of pulse-periodical discharge   39
Gradov V. M., Zimin A. M., Krivitsky S. E., Serushkin S. V., Troynov V. I. Automated diagnostic of magnetron discharge plasma by atomic and molecular emission spectra   44


Kostromin S. A., Karamysheva G. A., Samsonov E. V., Jongen I. Influence of the HF-field magnetic component on beam dynamics in a cyclotron  50
Manuilov V. N., Polushkina S. A. Development of the space charge and potential oscillations in helical electron beams with a different topology  55


Boltar K. O., Burlakov I. D., Filachev A. M., Yakovleva N. I. MCT LWIR 6x576 FPA   61
Kardonov N. V., Klimanov E. A., Lialikov A. V., Mezin Yu. S., Sednev M. V., Troshin B. V., Sharonov Yu. P. Deposition parameter influence on indium film microstructure  66
Nikonov A. V., Boltar K. O., Yakovleva N. I. Spectral response investigation of MCT photodiodes on the base of heteroepitaxial structures  70


Amosov V. N., Meshaninov S. V., Rodionov N. B., Rodionov R. N. Gamma radiation radiometer on the basis of synthetic diamond  79
Goreilk L. I., Mazin M. G. Analysis of availability of domestic lens for the 0.9 —1.7 μm spectral range  86
Ulyanova E. O. Optical system with two fields of view for thermal imaging devices based on the array photoreceivers  91
Gorelik L. I., Solyakov V. N., Trenin D. Yu., Trenina E. O. Temperature measurement with the dual-band thermal imag-ing system based on FPAs  95
Zakamov V. R., Chechenin Yu. I. Low-barrier Schottky detector diode of silicon structures doped with antimony  101
Vasin V. A., Vasichev B. N., Stepanchikov S. V., Fatyanova N. G. Improving quality factor of the vibrational system of an atomic force microscope  106
Savenkova N. P., Anpilov S. V., Kuzmin R. N., Provorova O. G., Piskazhova T. V. Reduction cell multiphase 3D model  111

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