(Applied Physics)

The Scientific and Technical Journal

2012, No. 4 Founded in 1994. Moscow



Filippov D. V., Urutskoev L. I., Biryukov A. O., Rukhadze A. A., Belous P. V. Loss of stability of the heavy nuclei in a superstrong magnetic field  5
Kos’yanov P. M. Compton scattered radiation in the X-ray analysis of a substance   15
Lopasov V. P. Principles of laser radiation on the prepared magnetic dipole transitions   24
Ismibeili E. G., Kasimova S. R. Two-layer blooming the absorbing substrate   34
Babichev A. P., Brayko V. D., Gorshunov N. M., Muromkin Yu. A., Pashkovsky V. G. Determination of oxygen admixture in fluorine   37
Shablovsky O. N. Morphological properties of the growth line of a two-dimensional dendrite in a supercooled melt   40
Vol'pyan O. D., Obod Yu. A., Yakovlev P. P. Optical properties of the Ta2O5 films in short-wave spectrum   47


Naumov N. D. Trajectory of a short radio wave in the multilayer ionosphere   54
Urutskoev L. I., Filippov D. V., Rukhadze A. A., Biryukov A. O., Markoliya A. A., Alabin K. A., Shpakovsky T. V., Steshenko G. K., Levanov A. A., Belous P. V. The development of a research methodology for the gas phase of the electric explosion of conductors   60
Neklesa K. A., Kopytov G. F., Neklesa A. T. Experimental study of one-neutrode plasmatrons   69


Ashimbaeva B. U., Chokin K. Sh., Saulebekov A. O., Kambarova Zh. T. Modeling of the electrostatic system of cylindrical and hyperbolic mirrors  73


Astakhov V. P., Karpov V. V., Karpukhin V. V., Chish-ko V. F., Shlyonsky A. A. Photodiodes from indium antimo-nide with Moss—Burshtein effect on basis of liquid-phase homoepitaxial structures   79
Astakhov V. P., Likhachev G. M. Features of the planar p+—n-junctions on silicon and indium antimonide  83
Andreev D. S., Grishina T. N., Zaletaev N. B., Trishenkov M. A., Chinareva I. V. Multiunit fast-acting photodiodes on the basis of the InGaAs/InP heterostructures  86
Karnaushenko D. D., Lee I. I., Polovinkin V. G., Gumenjuk-Sichevskaya Zh. V. Infrared focal plane arrays based on systems of photodiode—direct injection readout circuits  91


Bochkovsky D. А., Vasiljeva А. V., Dolgy S. I., Matvi-enko G. G., Polunin Yu. P., Romanovskii О. А., Soldatov А. N., Kharchenko О. V., Yudin N. А., Yakovlev S. V. Possibilities of using the multiwave strontium laser for atmospheric gas remote analysis  100
Lazarev P. S., Mazin M. G., Sidorin A. V., Solyakov V. N., Trenina E. O., Khamidullin K. A., Yudovskaya A. D. Thermographic device for monitoring of the moving objects  107

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