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2013, No. 6 Founded in 1994. Moscow


A.I. Patrashin, I.D. Burlakov, K.O. Boltar, M.D. Korneeva, A.A. Lopuhin, A.V. Nikonov, I.I. Taubkin, and N.I. Yakovleva Measurement method of an IR array element’s quantum efficiencies and dark currents  5
V.I. Demidov, N.B. Zaletaev, A.V. Polesskiy, E.A. Smirnova, N.A. Semenchenko, and K.A. Khamidullin Optical probe for the crosstalk measuring in MWIR   11
V.G. Sredin, O.B. Anan’in, I.D. Burlakov, A.E. Mirofyanchenko, A.P. Melekhov, and I.K. Novikov Influence of soft X-ray on thesurface properties of CdxHg1-xTe solid solutions   17
P.S. Lazarev, I.S. Kondjushin, N.F. Koshchavcev, V.N. Solyakov, I.I. Taubkin, and K.A. Khamidullin TDI FPA application to dot sources registration   21
A.Yu. Selyakov, I.D. Burlakov,V.P. Ponomarenko, V.V. Fadeev, and V.V. Shabarov esearch of the random fields correlation for densities and currents of mobile charge carriers in IR photodetectors by Lanjeven method   25
A.M. Filachev, A.V. Nikonov, K.O. Boltar, A.N. Moiseev, A.V. Chilyasov, and B.S. Stepanov SWIR MOCVD HgCdTe photodiodes array   37
V.D. Bochkov, Y.S. Bychkovski, B.N. Drazhnikov, I.S. Kondyushin, and N.F. Koshchavtsev Matrix photodetectors on the basis of chalcogenide   42
M.D. Korneeva, V.V. Salo, A.V. Nikonov, K.O. Boltar, and N.I. Yakovleva Refractive index of CdHgTe epitaxial layers   48
K.O. Boltar, I.D. Burlakov, A.M. Filachev, V.V. Salo, and N.I. Yakovleva Features of the UV 320x256 AlGaN p-i-n FPAs   54
K.O. Boltar, N.I. Yakovleva, N.V. Kravchenko, M.V. Sednev, A.V. Nilonov, and M.A. Trishenkov UV FPAs based on AlGaN heterostructure   61
K.O. Boltar, P.V. Vlasov, A.A. Lopuhin, S.K. Rantsan, V.P. Ponomarenko2, and V.V. Fadeev Dynamic crosstalk in InSb FPAs   67
K.O. Boltar, I.V. Chinareva, I.I. Taubkin, M.V. Sednev, A.A. Lopukhin, D.V. Smirnov,A.A. Marmalyuk, A.V. Mazalov, D.R. Sabitov, V.A. Kureshov, and A.A. Padalitsa The solar-blind p-i-n-photodiode array on the bases of the AlGaN/AlN het-erostructures   71
D.S. Andreev, N.B. Zaletaev, P.E. Khakyashev, I.V. Chinareva, and M.A. Trishenkov Research of the zinc diffusion process in InP and InP/In0.53Ga0.47As/InP   76

XLI International Zvenigorod Conference on Plasma Physics and Thermonuclear Fusion (February 10-14, 2014)   82
XXIII International Conference on Photoelectronics and Night Vision Devices (May 28-30, 2014, Moscow,)   85
Scientific and Technical Journals of the VIMI   86
Rules for Authors   87

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