(Applied Physics)

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2014, No. 5 Founded in 1994. Moscow


A. V. Voitsekhovskii and D. I. Gorn Laser generation in the structures with CdHgTe quantum wells  5
A. G. Rokakh, M. I. Shishkin, S. B. Venig, M. D. Matasov, and V. S. Atkin Analogies between exoelectroniс photoemission and secondary ionic photoeffect in semiconductors   11
M. V. Logunov, V. A. Neverov, and B. F. Mamin Investigation of structural inhomogeneity of silicon carbide by the low-angle X-ray scattering method   15

P. S. Plyaka, S. H. Alikhadjiev, and G. N. Tolmachev Investigation of dust particles, forming by complex oxide sputtering in oxygen radiofrequency discharge   19

V. V. Kulish, A. V. Lysenko, G. A. Oleksiienko, V. V. Koval, and M. Yu. Rombovsky Plasma-beam superheterodyne FELs with helical electron beams   24
V. I. Krylov and V. V. Khomyakov Bremsstrahlung of electrons passing through the multilayer structure of Coulomb centers and accelerated by a homogeneous electric field   29
A. Y. Cheban, N. P. Khrunina, and N. A. Leonenko Improvement of technology of continuous extraction of rocks with the use of laser radiation   34

V. A. Kholodnov, I. D. Burlakov, and A. A. Drugova Analytical approach to the selection of the optimal structure of avalanche heterophotodiodes on the basis of direct bandgap semiconductors   38
A. V. Voytsekhovskiy, A. P. Kokhanenko, and K. A. Lozovoy Optimization of growth conditions for improvement of parameters of photoreceivers and solar cells with quantum dots   45
V. M. Akimov, D. S. Andreev, S. S. Demidov, N. A. Irodov, and E. A. Klimanov The current-voltage characteristics of photodiodes of the planar type FPA based on p-InP/InGaAs/n-InP structure   50
D. L. Baliev, P. S. Lazarev, and K. O. Boltar Research of main photoelectric characteristics of the 320x256 InGaAs FPA’s   54
A. G. Rokakh, M. I. Shishkin, A. A. Skaptsov, and V. A. Puzynya On the possibility of the plasma resonance in CdS-PbS films in the middle infrared region   58
P. S. Skrebneva, I. D. Burlakov, and N. I. Iakovleva Investigation of the heteroepitaxial CdHgTe structures by spectroscopic ellipsometry   61
A. S. Kashuba, E. V. Permikina, and S. V. Golovin Investigation of the surfaces of CdхHg1-хТе epitaxial heterostructures after etching   67
M. B. Grishechkin, I. A. Denisov, A. A. Silina, N. A. Smirnova, and N. I. Shmatov nvestigation of growing conditions of Cd1-xZnxTe (х < 0.04) single crystals by the vertical directed сrystallization (Bridgman) method   72
R. S. Madatov, A. C. Alekbarov, O. M. Hasanov, and R. B. Bayramov Influence of the Sm atom impurity and gamma irradiation on photoconductivity spectrum of layered GeS monocrystals   76

E. A. Bedareva, L. I. Gorelik, A. A. Kolesova, A. V. Polesskiy, N. A. Semenchenko, A. I. Shketov High-aperture dual-band infrared lens   80
D. T. Tiranov, A. A. Guseva, and V. L. Philippov Modeling objects brightness fields against the background of the broken cloud cover of atmosphere at observing from a lower hemisphere   85


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Three Volumes on Photoelectronics   90
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