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2015, No. 2 Founded in 1994. Moscow



B. I. Yakubovich Spectra of stochastic pulse processes  5
A. N. Morozov and A. V. Skripkin Diffusion current flow through the p–n-junction   8
A. A. Ashcheulov, O. G. Danalaky, and І. S. Romanyuk The method of determining the effectiveness of thermoelectric materials  12
M. A. Mikitaev, G. V. Kozlov, and A. K. Mikitaev he influence of macromolecular coils interdiffusion on properties of blends poly(ethylene terephthalate)/poly(butylene terephthalate)   16

V. V. Kuzenov and P. A. Frolko Standard and combined effects in the concept of magneto-inertial fusion   21
D. N. Karbushev, V. I. Khvesyuk, and A. Yu. Chirkov Excitation of turbulent fluctuations by unstable drift wave in a non-uniform plasma flow   28
V. V. Kuzenov and V. V. Shumaev Description of the thermodynamic properties of plasma in Saha and Thomas–Fermi models   32
V. V. Kuzenov and S. V. Ryzhkov Individual elements of the physical and mathematical model for a helicon discharge   37
S. Bechu, A. Lacoste, Yu. A. Lebedev, and V. A. Shakhatov Rotational distribution of hydrogen molecules in the state in the discharge with electron cyclotron resonance   45
A. A. Balmashnov, N. B.Butko, A. V. Kalashnikov, V. V. Kalashnikov, S. P. Stepina, and A. M. Umnov Power and gas formation efficiency ECR plasma in the coaxial resonator with a helical waveguide structure   50
A. A. Balmashnov, A. V. Kalashnikov, V. V. Kalashnikov, S. P. Stepina, and A. M. Umnov Effect of pulsating electric field on the ECR heating in CERA-RX(C)   54
Kh. K Tazmeev, B. A. Timerkaev, G. Kh. Tazmeev, F. S. Sarvarov, and I. M. Arslanov About reasons for emergence of high-frequency current pulsation in electric discharges with direct contact to the liquid electrolyte   58
V. S. Kurbanismailov, O. A. Omarov, G. B. Ragimkhanov, Kh. M. Abakarova, and A. A. Ali Rafid High-current diffuse discharge   63
V. V. Andreev, I. Vasileska, and M. A. Korneeva Light spectroscopy and probe measurements of electron temperature in Ar plasmas of pulse-periodic microwave discharge   69

A. S. Smygacheva, V. N. Korchuganov, Yu. F. Tarasov, and A. V. Vernov The RF kicker cavity of the longitudinal feedback system for a SR source   74

G. M. Zverev, М. М. Zemlyanov, and А. А. Koronnov Influence of high-power monopulse laser irradiation on the germanium avalanche photodiode   79
D. S. Andreev, P. E. Khakuashev, I. V. Chinareva, and M. A. Trishenkov Diffusion depth effects on array InGaAs/InP photodiode characteristics study   84
N. I. Iakovleva Analysis of minority carrier lifetime in the IR heterostructures   88
M. A. Surnina, A. L. Sizov, R. H. Akchurin, I. V. Yarodskaya, and T. A. Bagaev Influence of In deposition temperature on morphology of nanoscale heterostructures InAs/GaAs grown by droplet MOCVD epitaxy   97

T. Ya. Fishkova Charged-particle spectrograph with a linear of potential distribution on the discrete plane electrode   101
R. N. Gubaidullin, A. A. Kolesova, A. V. Lobachyov, and A. V. Polesskiy Quality requirements to the windows’ optical surfaces of the second-generation of the cooled infrared photodetectors   104


Rules for authors   109

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