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2015, No. 3 Founded in 1994. Moscow


E. G. Gluhovskoy and N. D. Zhukov Charge transport in metal–semiconductor autoemission nanocontact  5
K. N. Nishchev, M. I. Novopoltsev, K. V. Savrasov, V. P. Mishkin, V. V. Eliseev, V. A. Martynenko , and A. V. Grishanin Investigation of the process of low-temperature sintering of silver-pastes by the scanning electron microscopy   10

A. I. Meshcheryakov and I. Yu. Vafin Estimations of the plasma effective charge at the L-2M stellarator after boronization of its vacuum chamber on the basis of measurements of a soft X-ray spectrum and plasma conductivity   15
A. N. Dolgov, D. E. Prokhorovich, and N. A. Klyachin A possible mechanism of the observed patterns of the soft X-ray radiation in a micropinch   20
A. F. Aleksandrov, A. K. Petrov, K. V. Vavilin, E. A. Kralkina, P. A. Neklyudova, A. M. Nikonov, V. B. Pavlov, A. A. Ayrapetov, V. V. Odinokov, V. A. Sologub,and G. Ya. Pavlov Investigation of "Helicon" discharge plasma parameters in the hybrid RF plasma system   25
V. V. Andreev, A. A. Novitsky, L. A. Vinnichenko, A. M. Umnov, and D. O. Ndong Properties and parameters of a electron beam injected into a mirror magnetic trap of a plasma accelerator   29
V. V. Andreev, A. A. Novitsky, A. M. Umnov, and D. V. Chuprov Spatial distribution of a plasma vortex obtained under gyromagnetic resonance in the mirror magnetic trap   35
S. V. Vinogradov, M. A. Kononov, and V. M. Kononov Oriented tetrahedral fullerene getting by vacuum magnetron sputtering   40
A. I. Golovin Estimation of the effect of anode characteristics on volt-ampere curves for an open discharge   43
K. G. Ivanov, A. P. Shcherbakov, and D. K. Ivanov Formation of a plasma filament along the carbon fiber   47
F. M. A. Al-Harethi, O. A. Omarov, N. O. Omarova, P. H. Omarova, and M. B. Khachalov Explosive processes in the development of the spark channel at gas breakdown   52

D. L. Baliev and K. O. Boltar Effect of multiple cooling cycles on high-noise elements distribution in TDI IR detectors   57
K. V. Kozlov and P. A. Kyznetsov Investigation of the TDI algorithm influence on FPA output characteristics   61
N. I. Iakovleva and K. O. Boltar High-speed FPAs based on InGaAs–InGaAlAs–InAlAs double heterojunctions and their current characteristics   66
M. V. Sednev, K. O. Boltar, N. A. Irodov, and S. S. Demidov Research of photoelectric interrelation of elements in a photodiode matrix on the basis of InGaAs heteroepetaxy structures   73

V. N. Amosov, S. A. Meshchaninov, N. B. Rodionov, R. N. Rodionov, A. S. Egorov, K. V. Mitrofanov, and V. M. Piksaikin Testing the diamond neutron detector at the KG–2.5 cascade high-current accelerator   80
Yu. A. Zheleznov, R. R. Khasaya, Yu. V. Khomich, and V. A. Yamcshikov Effective approach for increasing the duration of KrF laser radiation   85
A. N. Shulyupin and I. I. Chernev Heat shooting as a research method of hydrodynamic characteristics of steam-water geothermal wells   89
N. D. Zhukov, D. S.Mosiyash, A. A. Khazanov, and N. P. Abanshin Optimization of the structure and material for the field emission cathode   93


Three Volumes on Photoelectronics   98
Rules for authors   100
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