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2015, No. 4 Founded in 1994. Moscow


D. А. Vasil’ev, К. А. Vereshchagin, А. К. Vereshchagin, D. А. Spassky, V. O. Sokolov, A. V. Khakhalin, N. V. Vasil’eva, A. M. Galstyan, and V. G. Plotnichenko Influence of Al ions on optical and kinetic properties of (Pb, Gd)3(Al, Ga)5O12:Ce epitaxial films  5
R. S. Madatov, A. S. Alekperov, and O. M. Hasanov Change-over and memory effects in the layered GeS monocrystals   11
А. N. Polyakov, M. Noltemeyer, T. Hempel, J. Christen, and M. A. Stepovich About the practical implementation of same time-of-flight measurements scheme in cathodoluminescence microscopy   16
Y. N. Tashayev Modeling of the electrostatic field of the charged non-conducting torus   21

V. V. Shumova, D. N. Polyakov, and L. M. Vasilya Transformation of dust structures in a dc discharge in neon   27
V. V. Marusin and V. G. Shchukin Influence of frequency of a field on features of plasma treatment of polymers   33
A. I. Golovin Influence of gas heating on the voltage-current characteristic of an electron beam generator based on a stationary open discharge   39
A. V. Tyunkov, V. A. Burdovitsin, A. V. Kazakov, A. V. Medovnik, and E. M. Oks Mass-to-charge ion composition of arc discharge plasma in a forevacuum wide-aperture electron source   45
V. V. Ivonin, A. N. Danilin, B. V. Efimov, V. V. Kolobov, V. N. Selivanov, L. M. Vasilyak, S. P. Vetchinin, V. Ya. Pecherkin, and E. E. Son Optical investigations of spark channels in soil under spreading of pulse current   50

А. А. Koronnov, G. M. Zverev, М. М. Zemlyanov, E. V. Zharicova, and D. V. Marsagishvili Characteristics of the germanium avalanche photodiode subjected to a high power laser irradiation   54
A. Yu. Selyakov, I. D. Burlakov, and A. M. Filachev Correlator’s properties for thermal and photoinduced stochastic fields of mobile charge carriers concentrations and currents in IR photodiodes   59
D. V. Smirnov, K. O. Boltar, M. V. Sednev, and Y. P. Sharonov Research of characteristics mesa structures of the matrixes of p–i–n diodes based on the AlxGa1-xN heteroepitaxial structures   66
N. B. Zaletaev, K. O. Boltar, A. A. Lopukhin, I. V. Chinareva, and E. V. Gabbasova Study of the InGaAs planar p–i–n photodiode focal plane array with p–n junctions of reduced sizes   71
Y. K. Gruzevich, Y. N. Gordienko, L. M. Balyasnyi, P. S. Alkov, V. Y. Ivanov, A. L. Diatlov, and P. I. Vatcenko Photodetector photocathode with a Schottky barrier based on the InP/InGaAs/InP: Ag structure sensitive up to 1.7 μm   76
Y. K. Gruzevich, Y. N. Gordienko, L. M. Balyasnyi, O. V. Chistov, P. S. Alkov, D. A. Shirokov, V. N. Zhmerik, D. V. Nechayev, and S. V. Ivanov Development of the solar-blind range photocathodes based on aluminum gallium nitride heterostructure fabricated by molecular beam epitaxial   82
A. A. Kolesova, A. V. Lobachyov, N. A. Solomonova, and K. A. Khamidullin Quality requirements to the windows’ optical surfaces for the non-cooled ultraviolet and infrared photodetectors   88

A. D. Deomidov, A. V. Polesskiy, N. A. Semenchenko, V. C. Tresak, and A. A. Smirnov Using Monte Carlo method for uncertainty analysis of SWIR FPA spectral response measurement   94
A. D. Deomidov, K. V. Kozlov, A. V. Polesskiy, N. A. Solomonova, and Yu. A. Firsenkova Impact of the low-frequency noise on measurement accuracy of a signal for photodetectors of the second and third generations   102


Three Volumes on Photoelectronics   109
Rules for authors   111

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