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2016, No. 6 Founded in 1994. Moscow


A. V. Nazarov, V. S. Chernysh, Yu. A. Ermakov, and A. A. Shemukhin The energy dependence of the angular distributions of Mo atoms, sputtered by the Ar gas cluster ion beam   5
B. I. Yakubovich Spectra of some random processes   9
B. V. Melkoumian Radiation phase and the Doppler   13

V. О. German, А. P. Glinov, А. P. Golovin, P. V. Kozlov, and K. V. Shaleev Stabilisation of an electric arc in the external azimuthal magnetic field   18
N. A. Sirotkin and V. A. Titov Experimental study of the liquid cathode heating and transfer of its components to a gas phase under action of a direct current discharge   25
M. V. Andreev, V. S. Kuznetsov, V. S. Skakun, E. A. Sosnin, V. А. Panarin, and V. F. Tarasenko Temperature characteristics of apokamp-type plasma jets at the atmospheric pressure   32

K. O. Boltar, I. D. Burlakov, P. V. Vlasov, A. A. Lopukhin, V. P. Chaliy, and N. I. Katsavec Features of a FPA on the base of the LWIR QWIP 384×288 detectors CdTe/Al2O3   37
A. V. Voitsekhovskii, A. P. Kokhanenko, and K. A. Lozovoy Dark current and detectivity of photodetectors with quantum dots of germanium on silicon   42
A. L. Dudin, N. I. Katsavets, D. M. Krasovitsky, S. V. Kokin, V. P. Chaly , and I. V. Shukov InGaAs/AlGaAs QWIP heterostructures for the large format 3-5 µm focal plane arrays   49
V. V. Vasiliev, A. V. Vishnyakov, S. A. Dvoretsky, A. V. Predein, I. V. Sabinina, Yu. G. Sidorov, and V. A. Stuchinsky Photoresponse of “leaking” photoelements in MCT-based photovoltaic infrared FPA photodetectors with a high-conductivity anti-debiasing sublayer   54
S. A. Dvoretskiy, A. V. Zverev, Yu. S. Makarov, and E. A. Mikhantiev Signal-to-noise ratio optimization for MCT FPA based on the direct injection ROIC   60
A. K. Budtolaev, P. E. Khakuashev, I. V. Chinareva, and L. A. Kosukhina Using the thin SiO2 films to form a guard ring in avalanche photodiodes based on InGaAs/InP   68
A. Sh. Abdinov, R. F. Babayeva, N. A. Ragimova, and E. A. Rasulov Photodetectors for UV and visible ranges based on the monogallium selenide crystals   72

A. V. Butashin, A. E. Muslimov, A. L. Vasilyev, Yu. V. Grigoryev, and V. M. Kanevsky Structure of oxide films formed by annealing the aluminum metal layers on (0001) sapphire substrates   77
J. P. Sharonov, E. A. Makarova, M. V. Sednev, M. A. Ladugin, and I. V. Yarotskaya Investigation of a surface curvature of the heteroepitaxial structures InP/InGaAs, Al2O3/AlxGa1-xN   83
D. A. Kirienko and O. Y. Berezina Gas sensitivity and stress resistance of tin oxide-intercalated polyaniline composite on polymer substrate after pulsed laser annealing   87
K. N. Nishchev, B. F. Mamin, V. A. Neverov, R. I. Sidorov, and D. A. Skvortsov X-ray microtomography method in practice of the structural defects study in the 4H-SiC crystals   93
R. S. Madatov, A. S. Alekperov, O. M. Hasanov, and J. M. Safarov Influence of Nd atoms and gamma radiation on the photoluminescence of a mono crystal of GeS   97

V. P. Arkhipov, A. S. Kamrukov, N. P. Kozlov, and A. A. Makarchuk Remote decontamination of objects by pulsed broadband UV radiation   102
I. I. Kremis and D. A. Tolmachev Filtration of the residual inhomogeneity in the image of the second generation imagers based on frequency decomposition   109
A. M. Telegin, K. E. Voronov, and V. A. Avdeev Researches of micrometeoroids and space debris particles on the AIST-1T small spacecraft   116


The summary list of the articles published in Prikladnaya Fizika in 2016   120
Rules for authors   124
XLIV International Zvenigorod Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion   127

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