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2017, No. 2 Founded in 1994. Moscow


S. I. Rasmagin, L. A. Apresjan, and V. I. Kryshtob Specifics of measurements of the parameters for weakly scattering nanoobjects on flat substrates  5

S. E. Ernyleva, A. B. Buleyko, D. K. Ulianov, and O. T. Loza The plasma relativistic microwave oscillator with an inverse configuration   9
R. G. Sharafutdinov, V. O. Konstantinov, V. I. Fedoseev, and V. G. Shchukin Conversion of the natural and associated petroleum gas in a cold electron-beam plasma   13
V. I. Gushenets, A. S. Bugaev, and E. M. Oks Specific features of a pulsed vacuum arc with a boron cathode   19

A. V. Nikonov, N. I. Iakovleva, R. V. Davletshin, and A. V. Egorov Different smoothing methods for a spectral response of the FPA photodiodes   25
V. P. Astakhov, P. D. Gindin, V. V. Karpov, K. A. Kuzmina, S. A. Legotin, and G. V. Chekanova Effect of the aluminum contact layer thickness on planar silicon photodiodes noise parameters   31
A. G. Rokakh and M. I. Shishkin Recombination drains in the heterophase CdS-PbS films   37
R. K. Belokovalenko and M. V. Bannikov Calculation of a heat leakage at the nodes of matrix photoelectric modules for the infrared spectrum   41
A. Yu. Borovkova, T. N. Grischina, and E. S. Matyuhina Precision etching the thin doped silicon layers   47

S. P. Konovalenko and T. A. Bednaya Influence of the synthesis conditions on the physical properties of the cobalt-containing PAN thin films   50
K. D. Kushkina, A. V. Nazarov, A. A. Shemukhin, and A. P. Evseev The influence of ion irradiation on the conductivity of silicon films   54
R. S. Madatov, I. R. Nuriyev, A. I. Najafov, Sh. S. Ismailov, and R. M. Thermal conductivity of the Pb0.96Mn0.04Se films   58
B. Sh. Barkhalov, M. M. Tagiyev, G. Z. Bagiyeva, R. Yu. Aliyev, G. D. Abdinova, T. D. Aliyeva, N. M. Akhundova, and K. I. Magerramova Thermoelectric properties of extruded samples of the Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 solid solution with different grain sizes   62
A. E. Muslimov, A. V. Butashin, I. S. Smirnov, E. G. Novoselova, A. M. Ismailov, V. A. Babaev, E. A. Vovk, and V. M. Kanevsky Orientation changes in the crystal films of ZnO on AlN/α-Al2O3 templates as a result of the thermal influence   67

A. N. Dranichnikov, A. A. Krasnov, and A. M. Semenov Research of NEG for application in injectors of hydrogen atoms for installations of thermonuclear synthesisnull   73
K. V. Vlasova, N. F. Andreev, and A. I. Makarov Short-pulse photothermal common-path interferometry for absorption measurement in transparent isotropic dielectrics   79
P. A. Nosov Thermo-optical analysis of forming systems of high-power fiber lasers   87
Ya. E. Sadovnikova and V. S. Kondratenko Optimization of the Er-Tm fiber laser   92
V. S. Kondratenko and M. T. Melkumyan Controlling of a microcrack depth during cutting of materials using the laser thermal cracking method   95
A. V. Zyuzko and V. I. Mogorychny A hydraulic resistance of the filling of lead balls at high gas flow velocities   100


Anniversary Date of V. P. Ponomarenko   106

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