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2017, No. 3 Founded in 1994. Moscow


A. G. Burachenko, D. V. Beloplotov, D. A. Sorokin, V. F. Tarasenko, E. Kh. Baksht, M. I. Lomaev, and E. I. Lipatov The contribution of cathodoluminescence and photoluminescence to signals from diamond detectors of runaway electron beams  5
S. I. Rasmagin and V. I. Kryshtob Method for measuring the relaxation times of the semiconductor photoconductivity in a microwave field under pulsed laser radiation  11
V. M. Loginov Stochastic heating of nonrelativistic charged particles in electric fields with random switchings  16
A. I. Krikunova, E. E. Son, K. V. Klinkov, and C. Eigenbrod Gravity influence on combustion processes  21

I. Yu. Bakeev, A. A. Zenin, A. S. Klimov, and E. M. Oks On the possibility of precision electron-beam processing of extended dielectric products by a plasma source of electrons in the forevacuum   26
Yu. M. Grishin and L. Miao About the vortex regime of an argon-hydrogen plasma flow in the channel of the inductively-coupled RF plasma torch   31
A. A. Balmashnov, A. V. Kalashnikov, V. V. Kalashnikov, S. P. Stepina, and A. M. Umnov Self-excitation of low-frequency oscillations in the plasma ring to be formed by the ECR discharge in a narrow coaxial resonator   37
P. A. Nekliudova, E. A. Kralkina, K. V. Vavilin, I. I. Zadiriyev, and A. M. Nikonov The effect of an external magnetic field on the radial distribution of the ion saturation current of a probe in a high-frequency inductive plasma source   42
V. V. Andreev and Yu. P. Pichugin Effect of voltage polarity on ozone synthesis in a dielectric barrier discharge   47
A. V. Balovnev, O. A. Bashutin, I. G. Grigoryeva, I. L. Manohin, and G. Kh. Salakhutdinov Characteristics of X-ray radiation of a micropinch discharge in dependence on the polarity of the electrodes of the discharge system   52

N. I. Iakovleva, K. O. Boltar, and A. V. Nikonov Temperature resolution of thermal imagers systems using photodetector devices based on CdHgTe   58
A. V. Galochkin, A. A. Ashcheulov, Z. I. Zakharuk, S. G. Dremlyuzhenko and I. S. Romanyuk Photodiode structures based on CdTe and CdMnTe   65

A. E. Muslimov, M. Kh. Rabadanov, and A. M. Ismailov Influence of Zinc Oxide films structure perfection on their electrical and optical properties   72
A. L. Dudin, M. S. Mironova, G. E. Iakovlev, D. S. Frolov, I. V. Kogan, I. V. Shukov, V. I. Zubkov, and G. F. Glinskiy Investigation of PHEMT structures with quantum wells of AlGaAs/InGaAs/GaAs grown by molecular beam epitaxy   78
A. M. Karmokov, A. H. Dyshekova, and O. О. Molokanovа Measurements of the contact angle of lead for surfaces of the iron oxide and reactor steel EI-852   85
A. A. Trofimov Modes of lapping and polishing plates made of sapphire and silicon carbide containing microwave monolithic integrated сircuits   89
G. V. Kozlov and I. V. Dolbin Percolation models for describing the degree of amplification of the elastic modulus of high-filled polyurethane/praphene nanocomposites   96
A. D. Shabrin, A. E. Goncharov, D. A. Pashkeev, A. V. Lyalikov, and A. V. Egorov A mismatching angle analysis for monocrystalline blocks of bulk InSb crystals   101

V. P. Arkhipov, I. A. Zhelaev, A. B. Ivashkin, A. S. Kamrukov, and K. A. Semenov Multispectral photoelectric converters for measuring the radiative characteristics of pulsed broadband optical radiation sources   107
A. V. Polesskiy and A. D. Yudovskaya Justification of the requirements for the elements of the lens spot scattering measurement setup based on a matrix photodetector   115

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