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2017, No. 4 Founded in 1994. Moscow


S. V. Vinogradov, M. A. Kononov, V. M. Kononov, V. V. Savransky, and V. V. Tishkov Thin film growth control and manage system for glass prism preparation for surface plasmon applications  5
I. D. Shumov, S. L. Kanashenko, A. I. Archakov, Yu. D. Ivanov, and Т. О. Pleshakova Magnetron sputtering of melals on biological objects of nanometer size using the example of tobacco mosaic virus  10
A. M. Donyagin, V. V. Borisov, O. Kazinova, and S. A. Kostromin Measurements of magnetic field parameters of the NICA booster dipole magnet  16

A. V. Balovnev, O. A. Bashutin, I. G. Grigoryeva, and G. Kh. Salakhutdinov Investigation of the X-ray spectrum in various plasma regions of a micropinch discharge   22
P. A. Nekliudova, E. A. Kralkina, K. V. Vavilin, I. I. Zadiriyev, and A. M. Nikonov Effect of an external magnetic field on the efficiency of absorption of high-frequency power in a spatially limited inductive plasma source   27
D. S. Lapitsky, V. S. Filinov, L. M. Vasilyak, R. A. Syrovatka, L.V. Deputatova, V. I. Vladimirov, and V. Ya. Pecherkin Calculation of thermodynamic properties of a structure of charged microparticles in electrodynamic traps   32

A. K. Budtolaev, N. V. Kravchenko, P. E. Khakuashev, and I. V. Chinareva Methods of calculation and control of the impurity difference dose in avalanche InGaAs/InP structures   37
O. M. Gasanov, H. A. Adgezalova, Dzh. I. Guseynov, and A. O. Dashdemir Influence of Gd atoms on photosensitivity of the SnS single crystal   42
A. A. Golitsyn and M. Y. Tsivinsky The algorithm for smoothing the enlarged image in the video processing path of the digital surveillance device   46
V. E. Lozhnikov Optical system for measurements of the photodetector devices parameters in the heterodyne mode at a wavelength of 10.6 μm   51

R. M. Kalmykov and A. M. Karmokov Influence of isothermal annealing on electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power of PbTe doped CdSe   55
A. V. Butashin, A. E. Muslimov, A. B. Kolymagin, D. A. Bizyaev, R. I. Khaibullin, P. A. Prosekov, and V. M. Kanevski Structure and magnetic properties of the Co, Ni ferrite films formed on sapphire substrates   60
N. A. Pankin, N. A. Smolanov, and V. P. Mishkin Microstructure and phase composition of (Zr, N)-condensate obtained near the emitting cathode   66
A. M. Ismailov, S. L. Gammataev, A. Sh. Asvarov, K. M. Giraev, I. Sh. Aliev, and M. Xh. Rabadanov Formation of filamentary zinc oxide crystals on sapphire substrates placed on the target during hot sputtering   73
M. V. Sednev and A. S. Atrashkov Application of vacuum methods of sputtering in the formation of the topology of the elements of microcircuits   78

M. U. Nikiforova Gamma radiation sensor   83
A. V. Samvelov, D. V. Minaev, P. A. Koshelev, I. V. Baranov, A. J. Baranov, and O. V. Pahomov Investigation of the microcryogenic Stirling system in the extended cryostat temperature range   89
A. A. Krasnov and A. M. Semenov Investigation of properties of the non-evaporable titanium-tantalum getters   94

Anniversary of A. S. Bugaev   102

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