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2017, No. 6 Founded in 1994. Moscow


N. Muhtarov and L. R. Sarimov Researches of the mechanism of acoustic losses near the melting point of molecular crystals   5
A. A. Kanametov, A. M. Karmokov, Kh. Kh. Losanov, and Zh. Zh. Zhaboev Frictional Van der Waals force on a neutral AFM probe moving near a flat dielectric surface   10

S. E. Andreev and N. N. Bogachev Converter from TEM01 into H11 mode of radiation for a plasma relativistic microwave generator   15
E. A. Kralkina and A. M. Nikonov Wave structure excited in the plasma of the cylindrical inductive plasma source with an external magnetic field   20
A. P. Glinov, A. P. Golovin, and P. V. Kozlov Investigation of jet plasma fluxions in an exterior magnetic field   26
A. V. Vizir, A. G. Nikolaev, E. M. Oks, M. V. Shandrikov, and G. Yu. Yushkov Generation of triatomic deuterium ions in reflective discharge with hollow cathode   33
D. B. Zolotukhin, A. V. Tyunkov, and Yu. G. Yushkov Distribution of potential upon the surface of non-conductive boron-containing target during irradiation by an electron beam in the fore-vacuum   39
A. V. Khlyustova, N. A. Sirotkin, V. A. Titov, and L. A. Kuzmicheva Formation of polycrystalline molybdenum oxide on the anode in a discharge with a water cathode at atmospheric pressure   44

K. O. Boltar, N. A. Irodov, M. V. Sednev, A. A. Marmalyuk, M. A. Ladugin, and Yu. L. Ryaboshtan Research of photodiodes based on the InGaAs/nBp structures with a boundary wavelength up to 2.06 microns   49
M. N. Vil’dyaeva, S. S. Demidov, E. A. Klimanov, A. V. Lyalikov, and A. S. Fokina Influence of heat treatment on forming the ring distribution carrier lifetime in silicon wafers   54
V. V. Matyukhin, D. G. Parinov, and E. A. Tatarinova Noise model of the Dalsa CM42M photosensitive matrix   60
A. V. Samvelov, D. A. Sysoev, N. N. Oganesyan, I. V. Baranov, and A. Yu. Baranov Microcryogenic Stirling system with the lanthanide regenerator and magnetocaloric cooling stage   68

V. V. Karansky and A. S. Klimov Сhanging the electrophysical parameters of Mn-Zn ferrites upon its irradiation with an electron beam in the forevacuum pressure range   72
R. I. Sidorov, D. A. Skvortsov, K. N. Nishchev, B. F. Mamin, and V. A. Neverov Nanoscale inhomogeneities in 4H-SiC crystals   77
I. V. Dolbin, Zh. I. Kurdanova, A. S. Shabaev, and S. Yu. Khashirova Prediction and regulation of the elasticity modulus of polyphenylene sulfones at the stage of synthesis   83
R. S. Madatov, A. S. Alekperov, A. O. Dashdemirov, and A. M. Allahverdiyev Effect of electrical switching of conductivity with memory in the Ag-GeS:Nd-Ag structure   90

K. A. Khamidullin, D. L. Baliev, P. S. Lazarev, K. O. Boltar, A. V. Polesskiy, I. D. Burlakov, E. L. Chepurnov, N. I. Gusarova, and
S. V. Popov
Short wave infrared camera with a focal plane array based on the InGaAs/InP heterostructures
S. I. Valiyansky, S. V. Vinogradov, M. A. Kononov, V. M. Kononov, V. V. Savransky, and V. V. Tishkov Surface plasmon resonance in control systems of metal and dielectric films growth   103

XLV International Zvenigorod Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion   109
The summary list of the articles published in Prikladnaya Fizika in 2017   112

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