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2018, No. 2 Founded in 1994 Moscow


I. Yu. Bakeev, A. A. Zenin, A. S. Klimov, and E. M. Oks Distribution of thermal fields in a quartz glass during the electron-beam treatment by a plasma electron source   5

I. I. Zadiriev, E. A. Kralkina, K. V. Vavilin, E. V. Shvidkiy, and A. F. Aleksandrov Combination of a capacitive high-frequency discharge and a DC discharge for use in a plasma accelerator with a closed electron drift. Part I. Volt-ampere characteristics and discharge impedance   10
Yu. M. Grishin and L. Miao Diagram of flow patterns of argon plasma in the RF induction plasma torch   15
A. P. Glinov, A. P. Golovin, and K. V. Shaleev Influence of an external magnetic field on the stability of an extended arc discharge and the formation of multichannel current structures   21
A. S. Klimov, A. A. Zenin, and E. M. Oks Homogeneous emission plasma generation in a discharge system with the extended hollow cathode for a forevacuum plasma source of a ribbon electron beam   29
V. V. Shumova, D. N. Polyakov, and L. M. Vasilyak Boundary of transition to hollow dusts structures in a dc discharge in neon with microparticles   36

N. S. Trukhacheva, M. V. Sednev, A. V. Trukhachev, E. A. Makarova, and K. V. Naumova Investigation of the etching rate of nBp heterostructures based on InGaAs   41
M. R. Yuskaev, D. A. Pashkeev, V. E. Goncharov, A. V. Nikonov, and A. V. Egorov Photoluminescence spectra of heterostructures with AlGaAs/GaAs quantum wells   47

A. V. Butashin, A. E. Muslimov, and V. M. Kanevski Inverse magnetoelectric effect in bismuth ferrite thin films   53
D. A. Kirienko and O. Y. Berezina Investigation and prediction of the degradation of the properties of piezoelectric elements based on the composite of zinc oxide and polymer electrolytes   58
S. I. Rasmagin, L. A. Apresyan, V. I. Kryshtob, and V. I. Krasovskii Preparation of silver nanoparticles by the "green" synthesis method in the presence of rare-earth ions   64
O. R. Starodub, V. M. Voskresensky, N. V. Sidorov, and M. N. Palatnikov Mathematical modeling of cluster formation in lithium niobate crystals   70
A. V. Lyasnikova, O. A. Dudareva, O. A. Markelova, I. P. Grishina, and V. N. Lyasnikov Plasma biocomposite coatings based on copper substituted calcium phosphates   75
Dzh. I. Guseynov, H. A. Adgezalova, and O. M. Gasanov Thermal materials based on PbSe-TbSe   80

Yu. P. Maishev, S. L. Shevchuk, and V. P. Kudrya Experimental study of the spatial distribution of the flux density of fast neutral particles by the quartz micro-weighting method   86
A. S. Lelyukhin, T. I. Piskaryova, and E. A. Kornev Non-classical X-ray spectrometer based on a linear multichannel detector   90
I. V. Lavrinovich, D. V. Molchanov, and N. V. Zharova New capacitor-switch assembly for pulsed power generators   97
V. S. Kondratenko, Yu. I. Sakunenko, and V. N. Tikmenov Cable humidity sensor   103

X-th International Workshop Microwave Discharges: Fundamentals and Applications (MD-10)   108

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