Applied physics
No. 1, 1997

Powerful plasma microelectronics
and its applications perspectives

V.P. Kalinushkin, A.A. Rukhadze

General Physics Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russia

M.V. Kuzelev

Polygraphycal Academy, Moscow, Russia

I. M. Minaev

Air-Force Academy, Moscow, Russia

   Modern relativistic pulse-power plasma microwave sources alflow one to reach the top power about hundred of megawatts in the millimeter wavelength range, and several gigawatts in a centimeter one with an optimal efficiency of the order of 10 - 15%. The plasma microwave sources occur to the very easily tunable in a wide frequency range by the simple variation of plasma density and is possible to be realized as narrow-band regine of monochromatic wave generation sas well as a very wide - band noise regine with Dw/ w=1. Below possible applications of such a type microwave sources for the location of "sthealth" systems and destruction of radio-receivers and their elements are discussed.