Applied physics
No. 1, 1997

Radiometric introscores - devices XXI century

V.I. Gancharov, V.A. Koljubin, A.S. Sahanov,
I.I. Lapizki, S.P. Filichev

Federal centre of double technologies "Sojus", Dzerjinsk, Moscow Region, Russia

   Radiometric introscores aristing in result of fast qualitative perfection of radiometeric flow are considered in given article. It has become possible due to the huge progress of computer facilities and creation of perfect solid-stade detections. The block diagram of modem radiometric introscores together with their mathematical model and main characteristics are submitted. The decisions of main technical problems at creation of radiommetric introscores and necessary preconditions for largescale introduction of introscopes in industry as nondestructive inspection units are shown also.