Applied physics
No. 1, 1997

Repetitive powerful soft X-ray radiation source
on the basis of plasma focus for various applications

V.A. Veretennikov, V.A. Gribkov, A.V. Doubrovski, A.I Isakov,
O.N.Krokhin, V.Ya. Nikulin, P.V.Silin

P.N. Lebedev Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

P. Lee, S. Lee, A. Serban, X. Feng, G.X. Tsang

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

V. D. Bochov

Scientific Production Corporation "Plasma", Ryasan, Russia

L.T. Vekhoreva

Sankt-Peterburg State Politechnical University, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

E. P. Bogolubov, Yu.P. Ivanov

VNIIA, Moscow, Russia

   The source of soft X-ray radiation on the basis of plasma focus is developed and tested. Four high-voltage pulse condenses of a type KMK-30-8 with total energy up to 15 kJ were used as the energy store. 4 pseudo spark gaps, each capable to switch a current up to 150 kA, were used as switching device. One of the main problems, solved at the installation design was to ensure its high durability. The decision of this problem is based on a collection of the perfect modern elements and systems and on a reduction of their operational parameters in comparison with possible allowable. At the achieved discharge current of installation of 280 kA and at its operational frequency of 3.5 Hz the resource is estimated as 107 operations (about one year of continuous work). The plasma focus chamber filled with Neon under the pressure 10 - 25 mbar were used as a soft X-ray source. The plasma focus soft X-ray radiation was led out through the channel in an internal elestrode (anode) along the axis of the chamber. The 4-capasitors installation has made about 20000 discharges. The mode with an average X-ray yield of more tthan 100 J per discharge is found. The demonstrational experiment on the X-ray resist irradiation have been made.