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November, 2020

1. A. S. Mazinov, A. S. Tyutyunik, and V. S. Gurchenko
Changes in the spectral and conducting properties of fullerene films depending on the type of solvent
// Applied Physics. 2020. No. 2. P. 64

2. N. A. Mammadov, G. I. Garibov, Sh. Sh. Alekberov, and E. A. Rasulov
Influence of various external factors on the water surface tension
// Applied Physics. 2014. No. 6. P. 20

3. Volpian O. D., Kuzmichev A. I.
Magnetron deposition of optical coatings with magnetron power supply by mid-frequency alternative voltage
// Applied Physics. 2008. No. 3. P. 34

4. D. L. Baliev, K. O. Boltar., P. V. Vlasov, L. V. Kiseleva , V. E. Lozhnikov, A. A. Lopuhin, N. G. Mansvetov, V. V. Poluneev, V. С. Rudnevsky, and A. V. Savostin
Focal plane array 640x512 InSb detectors with the 15 μm pitch
// Applied Physics. 2014. No. 2. P. 41

5. V. S. Feshchenko, K. N. Zyablyuk, V. A. Shepelev, and E. A. Senokosov
Diffraction of optical radiation on acoustic waves in the diamond
// Applied Physics. 2018. No. 5. P. 5

6. S. I. Rasmagin, L. A. Apresyan, V. I. Kryshtob, and V. I. Krasovskii
Preparation of silver nanoparticles by the "green" synthesis method in the presence of rare-earth ions
// Applied Physics. 2018. No. 2. P. 64

7. Patrashin А. I.
Сalculation technique of IR array photoelectric parameters
// Applied Physics. 2010. No. 2. P. 103

8. Yusupaliev U., Radomsky N. V., Shuteev S. А., Kokovin V. A., Yusupaliev P. U.
Measurement of short time interval for the system "laser-time position sensitive detector of radiation"
// Applied Physics. 2009. No. 5. P. 113

9. Bityukov V. K., Petrov V. A.
Absorption coefficient of molten aluminum oxide
// Applied Physics. 2007. No. 4. P. 18

10. N. I. Iakovleva and A. V. Nikonov
Investigation and calculation of the absorption spectra in epitaxial InGaAs structures
// Applied Physics. 2016. No. 2. P. 88