Applied Physics
N 3, 2002

Electron and ion beams
(the thematic issue)
Filachev A.M. The Fifth All-Russian seminar «Problems of the theoretical and applied electron and ion optics» 5
Meshkov I.N., Smirnov A.V., Syresin E.M. Intense electron beam in electron cooling method 8
Syrovoy V.A. New results of geometrized theory of dense electron beams 25
Greenfield D., Monastyrskii M.A. Three-dimentional electric field numeric calculation with universal algorithm of surface-charge singularities treatment based on Fikera’s method 43
Golikov Yu. K., Krasnova N.K., Solovjev K.V., Grigorjev D.V., Lubchich A.D. Matching and correcting electric mirrors in electron optics 55
Bimurzaev S.B., Serikbaeva G.S., Yakushev E.M. Calculation of electrostatic mirrors, free from spherical and axial chromatic aberrations 68
Zavjalov M.A., Manuilov V.N., Soluyanova E.A., Syrovoy V.A. To using of magnetron-injection guns for beam-plasma microwave tubes 74
Krivosheev P.V., Manuilov V.N. The registration of secondary electrons at numerical modeling the intensive propeller beams of gyrotrons 80
Petrovich O.N. Computer simulation of influence of the ionization of residual gas on formation of intensive electronic beams in plasma sources of the charged particles 87
Tregubov A.V., Tregubov V.F. Simulation of electronic devices of a klystron type 94
Kozlov A.N., Smolyaninov V.D., Eremin A.P. Filachev A.M. A control device a beam structure of charged particles. 100
Kozlov A.N., Smolyaninov V.D., Eremin A.P. Filachev A.M. The monitoring system of low energy spectrum ion beams 105
Andreev S.V., Monastyrsky M.A., Tarasov V.A. The modern version of the ELIM/DYNAMICS application package 109
Antropov V., Ivanov A., Kobets V., Korotaev Yu., Meshkov I., Petrov A., Seleznev I., Sidorin A., Smirnov A., Syresin E., Trubnikov G., Yakovlenko S. Forming an intensive electron beam in guns with a small dia of the cathode 113
Melnik I.V., Luntovsky A.O. On-line distance learning system to study theory of magnetic lenses electron optics 119
Petrosyan A.I., Juravleva V.D., Penzyakov V.V., Rogovin V.I. Complex of the programs for computer-aided design of the electron guns with grid control 127
Petrosyan A.I., Rogovin V.I. The simulation of the thermionic grid emission in electron-optical systems of microwave tubes 133
Levichev E.B., Piminov P.A. The symplectic integration for simulation of driving the corpuscle in composite magnetic fields 136
Matyshev A.A. On spherical aberration of systems of axisymmetric isotrajectory lenses 143
Belov A.A., Egupov N.D., Samokhvalov A.A., Stepovich M.A., Tchaikovsky M.M. The orthogonal-projection method for solving equation of diffusion of minority charge carriers generated by the electron beam in semiconductors 149

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