No. 6 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2004

Influence of the surface electrical charge on the evolution of a steam bubble in liquid dielectric

A. V. Konovalov, O. A. Sinkevich
Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), Moscow, Russia

   The joint influence of an electrical field, a surface electrical charge and Joule‚Äôs heating on dynamics of a steam bubble in liquid dielectrics is investigated. The model includes redistribution of electrical potential in a liquid and in a steam, the electron emission from the cathode and generation of new electrons in a steam bubble by the Towndsend mechanism. Influence of the surface electrical charge on dynamics of spherical steam bubble near the spherical cathode is numerically studied. It was shown that in absence of surface electric charges the electrical field results in compression of a steam bubble. In that case, when the surface electrical charge exceeds some critical meaning, the steam bubbles can grow. The criterion determining border of change of bubble dynamics have carried out.