No. 6 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2004



Lochak G. Some problems concerning the Dirac’s formula for a magnetic monopole charge   5
Konovalov A.V., Sinkevich O.A. Influence of the surfase electrical charge on the evolution of a steam bubble in liquid dielectric  10
Martynov O.V., Teterin E.P. Temperature dependence of dynamic coefficient of viscosity based on a structural model of simple liquids  17


Ivanov V.A., Nagaeva M.L. Development of scientific researches on physics of plasmas and controlled thermonuclear fusion in Russia in 2003   21
Ivanov V.A., Konyzhev M.E. Formation of local fractures in dirlectrics interreacting with the electrodeless microwave discharges   42
Yakovlev M.A., Volnukhin A.Yu., Erokhin S.Yu. Influence of the high-frequency electromagnetic pressure on process of formation of a dence near-surface laser plasma   52
Abdullin I.Sh., Krasina I.V., Shaechov V. F., Sharifullin F.S. Influence of the high-frequency capacitor category of the lowered pressure on properties of textile materials   59
Abdullin I.Sh., Makhotkina L.Yu., Fakhrutdinova G.G. High-frequency plasma handling of a natural skin during its dyeing   64
Abdullin I.Sh.,Galiaoutdinov R.T., Kashparov N.F. Peculiarities of coatings deposition by a RF plasma in dynamic vacuum   68
Abdullin I.Sh., Gruzkova S.J., Krasina I.V. Modification of properties of a fur material by the radio- frequency discharge of the lowered pressure   74
Krinberg I.A. Special fitures of expansion and heating of current-carryng plasma in the vacuum arc discharges of different type   77
Gorbunov S.P., Krasov V.I., Krinberg I.A., Paperny V.L., Zverev E.A. Acceleration of multiply charged ions of metals at front of cathode flame of a vacuum discharge  83
Andreev V.V., Balmashov A.A., Umnov A.M. ECR plasma source for vacuum technology   91
Kuzmin G.P., Minaev I.M., Rukhadze A.A. Viscous gas current streamline of a plasma leaf derivated by the sliding discharge   96
Milantiev V.P., Turikov V. A. Self-modulation of electromagnetic impulse in the electron cyclotron resonance region  105
Milantiev V.P., Permyakova T.B. Relativistic drift theory of motion of the charged particles in the case of strong electric field  109
Vizir A.V., Oks E.M., Shandrikov M.V., Yushkov G.Yu. Bulk plasma generation based on high-current gaseouse discharge with external electron injection  115
Bondareva A.L., Zmievskaya G.I., Levchenko V.D. Computational model of thermoemission, compounded with a kinetic code of complex plasma  119

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