No. 6 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2004

Temperature dependence of dynamic coefficient of viscosity based on a structural model of simple liquids

O. V. Martynov, E. P. Teterin
Kovrov State Technological Academy, Kovrov, Russia

   Development of temperature dependence of dynamic coefficient of shear viscosity, based on the idea of existence in liquids local non-stable molecule cells with the sizes comparable to those of molecules is given. It is shown that the value of dynamic coefficient of shear viscosity mainly depends on the mean period of finding molecular in the cell and the work of extracting it out. It appeared that this work differs from the work of elastic force in cell deformation in a constant value dependent from temperature in a small extend. Examination of conformity of the obtained temperature dependence to experimental data for ethanol and methanol showed a good result agreement. Besides the value of the constant of Lennar-Johnes potential — s coincided with the known from literature is obtained.