No. 6 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2004

Formation of local fractures in dielectrics interreacting with the electrodeless microwave discharges

V. A. Ivanov, M. E. Konyzhev
Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia

   Different types of electrodeless microwave discharges were investigated experimentally at surfaces and in the bulk of pure crystal dielectrics (lithium fluoride LiF, sodium chloride NaCl, cesium iodide CsI, and zirconium dioxide ZrO2 crystals) and amorphous dielectrics (teflon, polyethylene, and organic glass) in vacuum. Some kinds of local destructions arising on the surface and in the bulk of the dielectrics interacted with microwave discharges were observed and classified. The physical mechanism of arising of strong local electrical fields on the surface and in the bulk of dielectrics interacting with microwave discharges is proposed. The physical model of electrodeless electric breakdown and formation of destructions in local areas on the surface and in the bulk of dielectrics interacted with the strong electric fields is developed.