No. 1 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2006



Ermilov V.G. About unelastic scattering in p-meson with nucleon interaction   5
Lepehin N.М., Priseko Y.S., Filippov V.G. High-speed impulse modulation radiation of lasers on self-limited transitions of atoms of chemical devices  8
Kozlov G.V., Burya A.I., Dolbin I.V. An influence of rotating electromagnetic filled on structure of carbon plastics on the basis of phenylone   14
Karnacov V.A., Eghova A.V., Marchuc S.D., Cherbachenco L.A. Polarization process in heterogeneous structure  19
Karpenko S.V. Structural phase transition in ionic crystals on extremely condition of high pressures  22


Malinin A.N., Shuaibov A.K., Shimon L.L., Hrabova I.A., Polyak A.V. New high-effectual electro-discharge lamps of visible and ultraviolet spectrum range   27
Alferov D.A., Evsin D.V., Londer Yu.I. Disturbance of the stability of the electric arc under contact openig in a vacuum gap with a transverse magnetic field   29
Aleksandrov A.F., Bugrov G.E., Vavilin K.V., Kerimova I.F., Kralkina E.A., Pavlov V.B., Plaksin V.Yu., Rukhadze A.A., Savinov V.P. Examination of an inductive high-frequency discharge as the self-consistent system. Part III Examination of influence of a capacitive component on plasma parameters in an inductive high-frequency discharge of low pressure   36


Bondar Yu.F., Kuzmin G.P., Mkheidze G.P., Ulyanov D.K., Arlantrev S.V. Method of large gas volume pumping   43


Sokolovsky B.S., Pysarevsky V.K., Vlasov A.P., Il’chuk G.A. Peculiarities of graded-gap photodiodes with nonmonotonic coordinate profile of the band gap   51
Bogoboyashchiy V.V., Gerasymenko S.A., Yemetz V.V., Izhnin I.I. Modeling of native defects diffusion in heterogeneous Hg1-xCd<>sub>xTe crystals   56
Dobrovolskiy Yu.G., Fotiy V.D. Research of influencing of the geometrically structured electric and magnetic fields on the parameters of silicon photodiodes   61
Gaziyev F.N., Nasibov I.A., Ibragimov T.I., Huseynov E.K. HgCdTe based PEM detector for middle range of IR-spectrum   64
Boltar K.O., Iakovleva N.I. Diffusion length in p-type HgCdTe epitaxial layers determination   69
Aliyev A.A., Husseynov E.K., Mamedov A.K. Epitaxial SPRITE-photodetector   72
Drapak S.I., Kovalyuk Z.D. Electrical properties and photosensitivity of the isotopic n-In2Se3 – n-InSe heterocontact   76
Voitsekhovskiy A.V., Kokhanenko A.P., Nesmelov S.N., Lyapunov S.I., Yurryyevv V.A. Photoelectric and noise properties of GexSi1-x/Si heterostructures   82
Salaev E.Yu., Nazarov A.M., Gadjieva S.I. Epitaxial photosensitive Pb1-xSnxSe(In) / PbSe1-xSx heterojunctions obtained in the ultrahign vacuum   86
Zhukov A.G., Bazhinov A.N., Rjabov V.N., Vorovich E.B. Bolometer infrared sensors from Titanium- based material   89
Chistokhin I.B., Demjanenko M.A. Determination of thermal parameters of microbolometers from electrical measurements   91
Pravilshikov P.A. Noether “physical” theorem in photonics and computer science. Part II   95


Dermenji P.G., Loktaev Yu.M., Stavtsev A.V., Chernikov A.A. Duration of diodes high reverse conduction stage at arbitrary law of forward current fall   110
Zhukov A.G., Mazeev V.A. Scanning IR- detector of bolometric array   113
Sviridov A.N. Calculation of utmost parameters of reception devices with the CO2 –quantum amplifiers, intended for laser locators and active systems of vision.   116
Kostjukov E.V., Pospelova M.A., Rusak T.F., Trounov S.V., Oblygina T.A., Nikitina G.I. Internal getter forming for modern charge-coupled devices   124
Almazov V.A.,Burtsev E.F. Forming the powerful high-voltage current pulses of the short-ware radio-frequency range   129
Glazov A.A., Karamysheva G.A., Lisenkova O.E. High frequency acceleration system of the CUSTOMS cyclotron   133

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