No. 6 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2006



Golikov Yu.K., Solovyev K.V. New analytical representations of multipole electromagnetic structures   5
Borisov S.S., Zayitsev S.I. About one feature of an angular dependence for energy of econdary electrons   8


XXXII1-nd Zvenigorod conference on plasma physics and control lable thermonuclear fusion (February 13-17, 2006)
Grishina I.A., Ivanov V.A., Kovrizhnikh L.M., Nagaeva M.L. Scientific researches on physics of plasmas and controlled thermonuclear fusion in Russia in 2005   12
Yakovlev M.A., Erokhin S.Yu., Rodin M.Yu. Dependence of a laser breakdown time on the dence noble gas concentration   26
Krasovitsky V.B., Turikov V.A. Resonant interaction of a laser pulse with plasma in a cross magnetic field   30
Kostukov I.Yu., Pukhov A., Kiselev S. Strongly nonlinear mode of interaction of a laser impulse with plasma: generation of an electromagnetic radiation and ultra relativistic electrons   35
Voronina N.V., Voronich I.N., Garanin S.G., Zaretsky A.I., Lvov L.V., Manachinsky A.N., Ryzhova O.A., Smirnov A.B., Sukharev S.A., Filatova N.A., Chernov I.E., Epatko I.V., Serov I.V. Rated - experimental optimization of the spatial performances of the Luch laser device   50
Baksht F.G., Lapshin V.F. Theoretical investigation of low-current pulse-periodic high-pressure radiating discharge in cesium   63
Gorbunov S. P., Krasov V.I., Paperny V.L., Korobkin Yu. V., Romanov I.V. Macroscopic characteristics of cathode plasma jet of low inductance vacuum spark  72
Yusupaliev U., Fadeev V.M. Some generalized variables of the cylindrical symmetric Z-pinch   76
Andreev V.V., Balmashnov A.A., Kalashnikov A.V., Umnov A.M. X-ray creation in ECR plasma source CERA-RX   80
Mulenko I.A., Obod V.I., Vyzhol Yu.A., Khomkin A.L. The calculation of energy levels on linear and spherical unharmonious oscillator   83
Milant’ev V.P., Stepina S.P. On the averaged force of pressure of the strong HF- wave, acting on the relativistic charged particle in the strong magnetic field  90
Ivanov V.A., Konizhev M.E., Spirin A.M., Dorofeyuk A.A., Kamolova T.I., Kuksenova L.I., Lapteva V.G., Zalavutdinov R.Kh. Modification of a Nickel - Chromium alloy at interaction with the microplasma discharges   97
Ravaev A.A., Pan E..G., Khomenko A.I., Esakov I.I., Bogdanov A.G., Kolmakov A.G., Ivanov V.A., Konizhev M.E. Features of baking the metal - ceramics structures in fields of power microwave radiation   108
Ivanov V.A., Konyzhev M.E., Sakharov A.S. Excitation of microplasma discharges on metals with dielectric films   114
Antonov A.V., Vlasov D.V., Lukina N.A., Sergeichev K.F. Gas temperature definition at the hydrocarbons pyrolysis in the microwave plasma torch   121
Alexandrov A.F., Yusupaliev U., Yusupaliev P.U., Shuteyev S.A. Investigation of the anisotropy of the diffusion process in air toroidal vortexes   126
Yusupaliev U., Strepetov A.N., Shuteev S.А., Yusupaliev P.U. Time-position-sensitive detector of radiation   130


Antipova M.A., Bochkov V.D., Kazarova U.A. Tehnological aspects of applying different polymeric materials in photoreciever’s production, based on sulphid lead and selenide lead   137


Hitrova L.M., Filatov A.V., Popovyan G.E., Troshkin Y.S. Devepment elasticize epoxy compositions for photodetectors and photodetective assemly   142
Goev A. I., Kazakov V. I., Potelov V. V., Senik B. N. Use of gradient-asherical components in optical systems   144
Potelov V.V., Senik B.N., Sukhachev A.B., Nesmelov E.A. Clearing a surface before deposition   146

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