No. 6 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2007



Grushko N. S., Potanakhina L. N. Spectra of electroluminescence and the efficiency of light-emitting diodes on the basis of InGaN firm solution   5
Ramazanov M. A. Photoluminescence in nanocomposite on basis PVDF+CdS   8
Akimov A. N., Klimov A. E., Neizvestny I.G., Shumsky V. N., Kubarev V. V., Smolin O. V., Susov E. V. Sensitivity of Pb1-xSnxTe films in submillimeter spectral range   12
Selyakov A. Yu. A new method of numerical analysis of stationary fluctuation phenomena in the semiconductor structures and devices   17
Protasov D. Yu., Ovsyuk V. N., Kostyuchenko V. Ya., Krylov V. S. Determination of majors and minors lifetimes of charge carriers in p-HgCdTe via photoconductivity in magnetic field   27
Igolkin S. I. Contact pressure jump on border of the condensed environments and alternative concept of a surface tension forces   30


XXXIV-th Zvenigorod conference on plasma physics and controllable thermonuclear fusion (February 12— 16, 2007)
Grishina I. A., Ivanov V. A., Kovrizhnyh L. M., Nagaeva M. L. Plasma physics and controlled nuclear fusion research in Russia: main achievements in 2006   38
Meshcheryakov A. I., Morozov A. E., Golikov A. A., Vafin I. Yu., Berezhetsky M. S., Nechaev Yu. I. Features of distribution and attenuation of a fast magne-tosonic wave in hydrogen plasma in a magnetic trap of the stellarator type   51
Ivanov V. A., Konyzhev M. E., Spirin A. M., Dorofejuk A. A., Kamolova T. I., Kuksionova L. I., Lapteva V. G., Zalavutdinov R. Kh. Formation of a strength microrelief on the surface of a Co-Cr alloy as a result of interaction with microplasma discharges   60
Lukina N. A., Sergeichev K. F. Ozone formation in oxygen and air under action of the microwave torch plasma at atmospheric pressure   71
Ravaev A. A., Alfeev E. B., Esakov I. I., Pan E. G., Khomenko A. I., Bogdanov A. G., Ivanov V. A. Features of an interface layer formation on boundary of glassceramics and Ni—Cr alloy at sintering in a field of power microwave radiation   78
Krasov V. I., Krinberg I. A., Paperny V. L., Korobkin Yu. V., Romanov I. V. Peculiarities of expanding into vacuum ambient of a high-current cathode plasma jet   88
Nikiforov A. Yu., Maximov A. I. Influence of the interelectrode gap of the alternative current underwater diaphragm discharge on its physical and chemical properties   92
Balmashnov A. A., Kalashnikov A. V. Compact microwave plasma source CERA-RI   99
Karfidov D. M., Sergeichev K. F. Characteristics of the X-ray emission from ECR discharge in the mirror magnetic trap   102
Yakovlev M. A., Erokhin S. Yu. Definition of physical characteristics of a near-surface electronic layer in the initial stage of a pulse laser breakdown of a dense inert gas   105
Galiaoutdinov A. R., Galiaoutdinov R. T., Kashapov N. F. X-ray spectrum analysis of oxide titanium films obtained by magnetron sputtering   108
Kuzmicheva L. A., Titova J. V., Maximov A. I., Dydykin M. G. Influence of the interelectrode distance at the accumulation H2O2 in solution under the action of discharge of atmospheric pressure   111
Barmin A. A., Rizakhanov R. N. Phenomenological model of e-beam propagation in dense gaseous medium   115


Voitsekhovsky A. V., Grigor'ev D. V., Korotaev A. G., Kokhanenko A. P., Varavin V. S., Dvoretsky S. A., Sidorov Yu. G., Mikhailov N. N., Talipov T. Kh. The boron implantation in the graded-gap МВБ МСТ epilayer   119
Burlakov I. D., Popovyan G. T., Troshkin Y. S., Sharonov Y. P. The photodetective assembly with radiative cooling LWIR MCT photoresistor   124
Monastyrsky L. S., Sokolovsky B. S. Calculation of photosensitivity of porous silicon for optoelectronic devices   127
Reva V. P., Sizov F. F. Read-out with electronic control for mid-wavelength photodiode matrixes   131


Belsky A. B., Fofanov V. B. Approach to automated decoding of multispectral images   137
Gerasjuk A. K., Goev A. L, Gorelik B. D., Potelov V. V., Senik B. N., Suhachev A. B., Volochek M. F., Nozdrachev A. V. The development of the hyperspectral optical sphere for products of special techniques   142

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