No. 6 Founded in 1994 Moscow 2009



Nikerov V. A., Rukhadze A. A., Sholin G. V. Degradation cascade model of cosmic rays   5
Lunin N. V., Kogan V. I. Irreversibility in quantum mechanics   9
Kirillov A. A., Kirillov I. A. Exponential-normal distribution and methods of its use in the nuclear physics   23
Sidamonidze N. N., Kupatadze K. T., Gverdtsiteli M. I. Theoretical investigation of correlation “structure—properties” within the scope of ANB-, Quasi-ANB- and EP-matrices methods   36
Bashorov M. T., Kozlov G. V., Mikitaev A. K. The generalized synergetic model of polymeric materials glass transition   39
Savenkova N. P., Shobukhov A. V., Anpilov S. V., Kuzmin R. N., Provorova O. G. Mathematical modelling the physico-technological process of electrolysis   43


Grishina I. A., Ivanov V. A., Kovrizhnikh L. M. he basic results of researches in the field of physics of plasma and controlled fusion in Russia in 2008   52
Khvesyuk V. I., Chirkov A. Yu. Features of collisionless drift instabilities in poloidal magnetic configurations   67
Ivanov V. A., Konyzhev M. E., Kuksenova L. I., Lapte- va V. G., Sakharov A. S., Kamolova T. I., Dorofeyuk A. A., Satunin S. N. Strong localized interaction of microplasma discharges with titanium material   76
Baksht F. G., Kaplan V. B., Lapshin V. F., Martsinovsky A. M., Gavrish S. V. Research of optical properties of the pulsed high pressure cesium discharge   83
Klykov I. L., Shustin E. G., Tarakanov V. P. Ion flow on conducting and isolated surface in beam plasma discharge: computer model   87
Bondareva A. L., Zmievskaya G. I., Ivanov A. V. Blistering into the both: thin film and layered media   91
Piskunkov A. F., Riaby V. A., Svotina V. V., Lee H.-J., Plaksin V. Yu. High durability dc arc plasmatron   98
Sergeichev K. F., Lukina N. A., Bolshakov A. P., Ralchenko V. G., Arutiunian N. R., Vlasov I. I. Polycrystal diamond growth in the microwave plasma torch   107
Isaev N. V., Klykov I. L., Shustin E. G. Control of the power characteristics of ion flow in plasma processing reactor on the basis of beam plasma discharge   113
Kurnaev V. A., Peskov V. V., Chmil A. I. , Shustin E. G. Ion flux on non-conducting surface at beam plasma dis-charge: calculation and experiment   118


Koroteev A. S., Rizakhanov R. N. The role of magnetic field for electron transportation in e-beam plasma generator   123


Selyakov A. Yu. A diffusion current fluctuations spectral density of p-n-junctions with a short base. Part I   127
Selyakov A. Yu. A photocurrent fluctuations spectral density of p-n-junctions with a short base. Part II   137


Vasin B. L., Mal’kova S. V., Osipov M. V., Puzyrev V. N. Sahakyan A. T., Starodub A. N., Fedotov S. I. , Fronya A. A. Shutyak V .G. Four-frequency polarized microscope for image plasma registration in the 0,4—1,1 µm spectral range   152
Kharchev N. K., Batanov G. M., Bondar Yu. F., Kolik L. V., Sarksian K. A., Fernandez A., Tolkachev A. V., Novozhilova Yu. V., Petelin M. I. Gyrotron reaction on small reflection from nonstationary load   158

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